Provoke.. how much Points

i am playing a Hardcore-meele Guardian at the Moment.

I asking myself how much improved Tount-Strength is needed for Tounting Endgame Bosses.
I am going for Challenge as the only Tount.

Thank for everybody how can Help.

You use Denounce on bosses.
Buy this sword on CH, shouldn’t cost much.

put 1 point into Denounce, get 3 from sword 1 from helm, maybe 1-2 from trinket.
3 points into heavenly condemnation.


so denounce is stronger? Or could i let the Denounce-Thing and go for equal Points into Provoke to reach the same effect?
so 1 point and +Skills is enough. thx

i allready put 2 points in challenge…

Okey i saw the talent has been change it says 0/5 in Provoke, so it goes with 5 Points to the same tount-intens as Challenge with 10 in Provoke?

Thanks for your Help

Bosses are meant to be immune to Challenge and only susceptible to Denounce. So if you want to taunt bosses you’ll need to max Denounce itself; Heavenly Condemnation is a welcome bonus, but it doesn’t affect its taunt strength.
Keep in mind that all 4 skills now cap at 5, so you can use different cast sets for basic farming and bosses and have the full effect (+3 from weapons/shields, +1 from helmet, +1 from shield - before considering +skill or +AS rings). Goldie’s Tactic mentioned above is definitely a good budget choice for this approach.

Thx, you helped me a lot to understanding this theme.

Otherwise my Guardian died with lvl 25 a fiew days ago. I think he got to less life and i was to unskilled pulling these mobs in the AB who aiming with there 2 Stunning Bolts in the entrys of the AB in 1 Second. Stuned. Antistun… heal. then the second salve xomes from all and he was instant down.

maybee 20 of them was shooting because the unvisible buff faded and they agroed me all at the same time .,.

there was standing to less of them in my aura. a gone for much points in anker and sword of reconing. Health reggen 8/10, got no schild spell and no HP-Talent. i was goning for 3 auras. but he died before this. also these 4 auras would not solve the problem with ranged massiv attacks. maybee the projektile aura, but dont know.

For handling tons of regular mobs, get a Flame Column (fire splash sword) with
good stats and pref 3 slots. Taunt the mobs and spam reckoning, the splash from the sword
will deal with the army on taunted mobs.

It’s how i deal with tons of mobs on my tank.