Pure summoner build

Hi guys,

New to this server and game…
I love summoners. What is a a good build, if possible, purely based on summoning minions?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Arual, welcome :slight_smile:

I can provide some basic outlines, but how such a build will look will depend on a few factors.

  • Do you want to incorporate spells at all? If so, what are your criteria for them?
  • Do you mind using Darkform, even if only passively for the hp bonus?
  • Would you like to swap Demons or focus on one?

In short, maxing Elementals and getting a single Demon of choice is the foundation for such builds and it’s quite easy to achieve. So the question then becomes, where do you spend the remaining points (hence the above questions) and what do you actively do with your hands (ie guns, spells, Darkform - or nothing at all, so Master’s Hands for massive +skills).

Basically just maximize all the elemental skills (but ignore Master of the Flame) and take 1 point in a demon skill. That’s all you really need. You’ll probably eventually have a +1 to all skills helmet, so leave the elemental skills at 4 points each.

You can only summon one demon at a time but I suggest you try out all 3 main demons by taking Carnagor 2, Meat Shield 1, Witch Doctor 1, and Warper 1. More points in your favorite demon skills are fine, but not necessary.

If you want, try 1 point of Dark Form and 1 point of Venomous Spirit and see how you like them. They’re both good with just 1 point.

You could get fancier with your planning, but as a beginner, you shouldn’t.

Here you go.


All skills with +2 from helm+Master’s hand. This build will carry you through all content.

Hi guys and thanks for the replies and warm welcome :).
Sorry for the late reply I have been very busy with work this week.

To give you an understanding. I never played this game before.
I did and do however play diablo II.

My build over there is based on skellies, some support cursus (like iron maiden and weaken) and corpse explosion so yeah if the spells/skills compliment the summonings iam not aainst it :).

Just here for the advice.

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I can relate :wink:

With your prior experience and playstyle then, I’d suggest something like this for minimal gear dependency. You’ll just need a +1 All Skills helmet, and everything else is just a bonus.
Max Elementals for more bodies on the field (they do max at 4, yes - the planner is outdated).
Max Ele Nova for AoE damage.
1 point in Master for the -cost and the benefit from +1.
3 Blood Link for healing your Demon, 1 Circle for +Demon hp. Those you may skip, but I find it very convenient.
2 Carnagor, 1 Meatshield for a reliable tank Demon. You can of course max both for sturdiness.
1 Darkform for the hp bonus, dual wield, and the related skills. Keep in mind that this prevents using guns.
1 Dark Lord (doesn’t require 3, outdated planner) for 4 Shadow minions. This you can max too for more bodies. It also triggers off thorns so you don’t need to strike in melee all the time.
1 Offering for AoE damage and sfx (the skill now gains sfx strengths based on alive Shadows - outdated planner). This is essentially a personal Corpse Explosion with minor twists.
2 Afterlife and Drain Life for access to the rest of the tree. You may use these if you wish.
2 Brom’s Curse for personal and party heals. This scales off max hp, and can be maxed for reliability. Also has a synergy with Elemental Drain now, decreasing enemy sfx defense by 3% per point in Drain. Absolutely essential skill.
4 Ele Drain for sfx defense reduction. Massive for bosses, synergy with Brom’s (the two stack), and it also increases your own sfx defenses. Invaluable.

There’s also Master’s Hand with +1 AS for more points, though do note that using 2 prevents both offensive spells and Darkform. Some skills like Blink and Swarm (the tree for which the planner doesn’t include and is also a good choice; maxing Venom Armor provides great armor and max Swarm poisons reliably) are also granted by BiS endgame gear like Night Striders and Harlequin Ablaze so you can save points there. There’s also Hexer’s Shroud to shave off a point from Brom’s/Ele drain, but that’s the highest endgame tier now so augmenting +1 AS might be difficult. So definitely consider those as you plan ahead, unless you don’t mind respecs.
But even with no such gear at all, that leaves you with 8 points to max whatever you wish. So if you’re comfortable with introducing gear dependency you can max your favorite assets, and/or dip into other Demons of choice. The Warper is excellent for damage, for instance, but I believe the Carnagor is much more comfortable for newcomers while still being very useful for harder content and tankless parties.