QOL requests (quality of life improvements)

i get it’s too soon, executus! but i wanted to list these at least somewhere.

  • FOV adjustment for first and third person
  • remove Sydonai portal once Nightmare is unlocked
  • add Consignment House terminal to St. Paul’s Station
  • add mod quality option to Piecemaker
  • add Identify and Disassemble item action hotkeys (like how CTRL is buy/sell hotkey)
  • add Fill A Stack item option when purchasing consumables
  • reduce or remove screen shake (or make it better somehow, but i don’t know how. i’d prefer to see it being used exclusively for non-spammable enemy attacks)
  • reduce loudness of shock status effect on player
  • add like 0.1s CD on starting another item pickup sound, so the sound doesn’t explode upon looting bosses.
  • add option of corpse shrink&sink on death
  • make craftsmen NPC only show items for player’s class

I dont like that because i find a lot of cool stuff for other class-builds i want to play. I gather a lot of items for new chars this way.
A craftsmen new-inventory button, that would be nice.

I second the screen shake. It is almost nauseating sometimes and my eyes hurt.
Similar effects are in Titan quest and developers added option to block them on players demand.
Pretty please?

few more requests - separate post since the initial one can’t be edited:

  • greatly reduce density of black smoke created by spamamble explosives - various wieldable grenade and mine launchers use that.

  • adjust or make adjustable 3rd person camera, so it’s possible to see the target when using weapons with lobbed projectiles.

  • allow 3rd person camera to aim higher.

  • show beam weapons’ actual rate of fire instead of “constant” (if it’s true that “constant” has different meaning for different weapons).

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  • more brightly lit Hell. it’s almost completely black, while cinematics show it as much brighter.

based on chat with Bryan - please, let Tracy at Parliament offer bolters too :slight_smile:

  • darker chat background, option of permanently darkened chat background even when the chat box is not active.
  1. Exit to character selection.
  2. Save password option.

For the cube recipe rare scraps to power packs is necessary to have empty cube and after creation to remove each stack of power packs. It is a bit inconvenient and also not in line with other recipes where you can create anything as long as there is enough space in cube
The same applies to creation of health injectors from scraps

I quite like the recipe because it gives 40 more power packs from it than selling it to vendor and buying packs.

Please, can you change it to more user-friendly version?

When we have the cube + the bank open at the same time, we cant scroll in the bank.
Making cube scrolling 100 times faster would be great also :slight_smile:

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  • Auto-stack items when transferring to/from bank with ctrl + right-click.

  • Make angel passage less tedious: One suggestion is to allow all damage types to affect the boils and/or make ser sing’s special gun do a lot more damage to them.