Question about a certain quest (uncovering the plot)

I have a quest given by “nemo” to find "uncovered plots taken from any demon in templar base"
Can someone tell me just what it is I am looking for?

Here’s Kikina’s pinned post from Discord, except that the named monsters can randomly appear in areas outside of those listed.

Thanks, I’ve already found acheson twice

A few thoughts on the Fawkes Event.
The problems identified above still seem to be there- no demon raw meat dropping etc.
The main reward of the Fawkes Force Five seems a little pointless for the effort required to get it. The random nature of the buff applied makes it of little practical use imo. Could it be improved by making it random on first use but then fixed to that buff? That way you could aim to get a 10min buff that you could use tactically for bosses etc.? Give it a one hour cool down so it is not permanently available perhaps, also make them only last until next years event.
That way people could try for a good buff but if they get one of no use they could delete and try again. Also bind the cheese/bread/beer to char as well so each char has to farm their own.
Another thought make the first one obtained each season extra special to create a race atmosphere maybe. Could be just a cool title or extra adds to buff.

Anyway all good fun, keep up the good work team.