Question about Ele damage/ incresed damage/ ads damage

what is better?

-ads ele damage is the better one cuz its being aplied and can also crit. ( for example ads 5% fire damage)

but between incresed % damage and ads % damage what is better?

if i got a pants with 13% incresed damage, are those pants 2 times better, than a pants with Ads 5% damage?

examples are ( advanced scout shoulderplates have incresed damage by 5% and techaweave has ads 6% damage)

Depends on your damage. If you are not doing any fire damage with your weapon, but you are constantly having trouble with a fire kill for the mini-game, maybe a small added % damage for fire mod would be perfect on a secondary weapon kept for this occasion.

On the other hand, if you have a main weapon damage of fire, a higher % increase in that damage would be better than a slight added % of that same element, since you are more likely to see a higher % for INCREASED than you would for ADDED type mods.

If your weapon does physical damage, it won’t benefit from increased elemental damages that doesn’t apply.