Question about minions

  1. Can fully upgraded ‘Drone / Carnagor / 5 x Force Elementals’ tank the last boss effectively?

Drone with ‘Repair Drone’
Carnagor with ‘Meat Shield’ & ‘Blood Link’
5 x Force Elementals with resummon

Equipment focus on +minion health & armor.

  1. What’s the main role of Reaper?

Carnagor = tanker
Witch Doctor = healer
Warper = damage dealer

It’s the last skill in ‘Demon Tree’, it should be the strongest right?

Sorry for my short English skills, I use translation.

Interesting guy about carnagor.

Each last boss is different. It’ll work for some bosses, but probably not for others. Meat shield does not work on some bosses.
(Talox and top 4 mythic bosses)

Useful in large areas like Australia or Imhotep.
There are aspects that are better than Guardians.
Tanking is not very effective in very tight spaces.

However, against ranged enemy projectile weapons, there is no better defense than the guardian’s deflecting aura.

Reapers have the longest movement range of all summoned demons.
I mainly use it to keep enemies at a distance.
It is powerful and has self-destruct damage.
However, the skill cost is high and resummoning every minute is cumbersome.
You can reduce skill consumption cost with Summoner Demon Summoning Weapon.

In my opinion, London2038’s class balance is very impressive, and you have to experience it in various ways to see how useful it is.


If you’re concerned with tanking Sydonai, I don’t think it’s realistically possible. It has abnormal scaling, which makes the damage it deals abnormal as well; polyps and bolts one-shotting people is a good example of this. This will be fixed, however, as the NM level curve will be normalized.
Taunt immunity is also a general issue, as Hpcstar mentioned, as unfortunately it isn’t communicated to the player. I don’t think Sydonai is technically immune to taunts, just extremely resistant to them due to level - but this too will be clarified.

On tanking options, I think two more options are worth highlighting there; Summoning Circle, which now offers passive hp regen as well, and Master of Gaia, which also offers passive hp regen to Forces.
These only matter if Demons/Forces are not one-shot, of course, but they can considerably help with tanking longer fights. Add a maxed Witch Doctor to the mix, which now doesn’t target to heal, and the group can really take a beating.
Great Defender too, if a Guardian is to be present for Aura of Deflection. That skill also has a much lower CD now, so with some +duration it can be much more reliable.

The Reaper does have an identity issue, and it had one even before it was added to the Attunement line.
It was conceptually meant to be a powerful trump card on a timer, and FSS intended to build on that with a Blood Surge-type effect where the player would sacrifice health to keep it around. But between its melee focus (where the Warper can handle enemies from afar), its AI (which is less than great at targeting and focusing), and its low duration, it never quite achieved that purpose.
It now has Backlash and knockback immunity (see 1.5.5 notes above), so it can now offer some utility through AoD-style protection alongside its new field on dismissal. So while it still can’t dethrone the Warper in many cases, and it doesn’t have quite the refined role like the other 3 Demons, it hopefully has some uses.

Thank you very much, this means a lot to hear. We’ve given this quite some effort, so it’s great to hear it’s creating a more pleasurable experience.

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Yes, that one.

Are you telling me he can one shot…

(Carnagor lvl 10 + Meat Shield lvl 7 + Summoning Circle lvl 10 + Minion Health&Armor gears) ?

Force Elemental with (Master of Gaia lvl 10 + Master of Venom lvl 10 + Minion Health&Armor gears) ?

(Drone lvl 10 + Armor Retrofit lvl 7 + Master Engineer lvl 10 + Advanced Tactical Mode lvl 7 + Minion Health&Armor gears) ?

I don’t know what he can one-shot (and through which attacks), I’m only saying he can likely one-shot or quickly kill players/minions who would otherwise tank most of the game. Because scaling really is abnormal.
These hypotheticals would need to be tested; there are likely some breakpoints that can realistically be aimed for, like x% minion hp/armor.

Now, if we’re discussing literal one-shots, some of the above won’t be quite as helpful. Say,

  • Meatshield will only offer hp regen to tank subsequent hits if the Carnagor survives the first
  • Master of Venom won’t assist with tanking hits; it will only increase phase/ignite defenses for this fight, whose value too is questionable when scaling is what it is
  • Armor Retrofit will only amount to more STA; unless it’s used for better armor, it’s a minimal hp gain

Advanced Tactical Mode will technically help tank the first hit (ie more eHP), but is quite questionable beyond the first hit; it’s a base shield multiplier (where base shields can be low) and shields don’t last long against such opponents.

Now if you’re past the one-shot bracket, things become very different. That’s where you can actually benefit from hp regen and healing, like Circle, Meatshield, Gaia, Doctor, Medpak, and so on.

Again, I can’t confidently say what he one-shots and what he doesn’t. It might very well be that some defensive builds can take a proper beating and tank him more comfortably.
Specific attacks are also vastly different from others, like polyps packing much more of a punch than regular strikes, so that’s also a factor; not what damage he consistently deals, but what damage he can deal in specific moments.

And finally, this will be fixed. So hopefully this won’t need to be a concern moving forward - as much as I like the concept of defensive builds having a solid purpose.

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Oh! Please don’t. It would be disappointed if the last boss isn’t incredibly strong.

I see the point, and I do agree that Sydonai should be powerful. However, this level of power hinges on an abnormal level difference which also affects his surrounding content. Case in point, he’s a pushover in Normal but a powerhouse in Nightmare. So he first needs to be reined in level-wise, and then have his power level examined within normal parameters.
He also won’t be the final boss to challenge oneself with, so there’s that.

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in fact, as a summoner, u just need a ranged hero to help u deal dmg to Sydonai, ur minions are not that papper to get killed as long as u chose the correct trash summoner can tank Sydonai ez due to u can resummon ur element minions . just make sure urself not get killed by Sydonai , a ranged hero with ignite will do it easier.

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