Question about skills (general)

If i had a certain skill maxed, like master of the elements, and I found
an item that added +1 of this skill, making my rank “6/5”, would my
elemental summon feed be reduced even further than with the normal
maxed value?
Right now, I have 4/5 master of the elements, 5/5 with the item.
I could test it by adding another point, but I don’t want to waste a
skill point if going above 5/5 would have no effect.


You beat me to it.

Edit. Ok, so no it does not exceed max level. Just found a weapon that took level beyond max and it tops out at max level. Interesting that it shows “next level” stats beyond cap so maybe it was considered as a possible option to be allowed?

I found that out too using a “masters hand” to raise it to 6/5.
I’m glad I didn’t waste a skill point.