Questions about hunters damage , weapons and rapid fire

Max rpm on a char is 600.

Then if i wear 2 1 hand wepons of 600 each and i use haste bot -
haste bot is doing nothing?

if i wear a 2 hands wepon of 600
haste bot is doing nothing?

ofc rapid fire is also doing nothing

then we have to forget all weapons of 600 rpm ?

when we chhoose slowest wepaons , how to get the better option cuz damage between effects is very diferent:

electric weapons like mags deal a base damage much bigger than rest of types of damages but then when u see the big numbers on weapon (i supose its the dps instead of flat damage) are much smaller

how real damage is calculated?

i mean why light damage is bigger than phisic , poison or fire? is like 10 times higher spectral is also bigger like 8 times

And then if its bigger why dps its not so big, i found fire weapons with much less base damage and also 120 rpm and they deal more dps than light with same rpm and less base damage.

where can i get a guide to understand how damage of weapons its aplied and to be sure wich weapon is better to use and with wich skills

Here are some information about rapid fire and the “600” cap.

As for lightning weapons, they have high maximum dmg but low minimum dmg and therefore not always the best in terms of dps.

Some weapons have lower rpm but shoot multiple projectiles or dmg fields wich each does dmg on there own.
So if you have a weapon wich does 10-20dmg per-shot(ps) and it has only one projectile then it does 10-20dmg ps. If you have 10-20dmg ps and the weapon shoots 3 projectiles then it is 10-20*3 ps and therfore more dmg.

another guy done some testing, not me, but from what i remember RPM per weapon can’t exceed some number between 600-700. so you’re either mostly or completely correct - haste bot and rapid fire will not be useful with weapons that fire this fast.
real damage? how accurate do you want the number to be? base DPS, with critical hits, with possible special effects, with energy meter? in short, multiply average damage by rate of fire.
(minimum dmg + maximum dmg)/2 * RateOfFire/60
weapons also may have hiden properties, like novas, chainnig attack, extra projectiles, rate of fire not stated in numbers and so on. critical damage should be added as well if it’s significantly different from other weapons.
here’s an old long and detail thread about caulculating weapon damage:

why light damage is bigger than phisic , poison or fire
light damage? you mean lightning? i don’t know, some weapons just outperform others. some balance adjustments were applied and there’s bound to be more.

for clarity, i’ll show on the picture what i know about those numbers:

  • 1 is not DPS indicator - consider it a quality meter. gear score, in Warcraft’s terms.
  • 2 is the actual damage. X-Y: X is minimum damage, Y is maximum. damage per hit can be anywhere between these two numbers, chosen randomly for each hit. damage marked as Field is a bit trickier: fields probably stack together, so their DPS needs to be multiplied by the amount of fields that can be stacked together before the first one expires and before the target dies.
  • 3 is a chance to briefly stun an enemy. i don’t know how it is calculated at all, but it looks like first hit with a good for it’s level number will stun the target for the amount dictated by it’s stun animation.
  • 4 i’ve heard means nothing now because special effects’ damage was reworked.
  • 5 this isn’t damage either - it’s sort of a chance to apply corresponding effect on each hit, favorite slower weapons. no concrete calculation either.
    this weapon also has a nova mod, which is significant, but i don’t know how it’s damage is calculated.

thank u very much

i thoufgt number 1 was dps and i waqs getting crazy then i have to look damage inside weapon

and never choose weapons of 600 rpm if i use haste bot and rf

how i know when a weapon shots just 1 projectile or more?

exclusively by testing. you could also look up this info on other forums, but it’s not perfectly accurate and some things have changed. wikis aren’t helpful since they only list stats that can already be seen on a weapon’s card.

some weapons also have weird special mechanics - some 600rof gun can’t perform less than 3 shots in one button click, some make the main projectile explode into more projectiles that may or may not be visible behind enemies and obstacles, some cabalist gun releases more projectiles after not being fired for a few seconds and so on.

oh, missed answering a question i’ve seen from you about strikes and mods. anyway, what i’ve heard from others:

strikes (and, i assume, grenades as well) don’t benefit from weapon enchantments and mods at all (excluding specialized enchantments, like the ones that increase damage of any of the groups those skills belong - combat, tactical, whatever else). they do, however benefit from so called “global” enchantments - those found on armor. and another thing: grenades and strikes can’t score critical hits, but they miraculously benefit from Multishot skill!

Do you guys have the source of the claim that we cant go above 6/700 RPM ? Im using a 600RPM gun on my MM, with a 10% visor, so i should be at 660 base RPM. Multishot does increase my dmg but the wording of that skill implies that it multiplies bullets and not the firing speed.
Id need to test things with a pocket engi with maxxed haste bot if anyone is up for that.

and diference between using mods that adds damage to ignite/shok/stunt/poison and 6% damage fire 6% damage posion 6% spectral?

wich type of mod increses damage and wich increses chance to aply efect ?

mods that adds damage to ignite/shok/stunt/poison
never seen such mods. there are only mods which that increase chances of applying elemental effects, like ignite:"+40 Ignite Attack Strength" and such.

“adds +6% fire damage” actually adds damage, even if the weapon or evoker skill doesn’t do that type of damage on their own.

“increases fire damage by 6%” only works if a weapon or evoker skill already deals that kind of damage. i also heard that the order in which you insert mods may matter, so mods that increase damage should come last.

Do you guys have the source of the claim that we cant go above 6/700 RPM

@aladinf and @alternalo claims some testing was done and there was very little DPS increase from Rapid Fire for 600 RPM guns.

5 this isn’t damage either - it’s sort of a chance to apply corresponding effect on each hit, favorite slower weapons. no concrete calculation either.

That calculation is, in fact, reasonably well-known. The chance to apply an sfx is attack/(attack+defense). Where a mob’s elemental defenses are generally 100 + 25 * level, with a few exceptions: Bosses tend to have their own, very high, defense values, zombies are susceptible to fire and have their fire defense halved, etc. So if your poison strength is 100 and the mob’s poison defense is 300, your chance to apply poison with each hit is 100/(100+300) = 0.25 = 25%.
This is based on a weapon doing 60 rpm and is scaled according to the weapon’s rate of fire so the chance per second stays the same. In other words, on a weapon doing 300 rpm, the chance per hit is divided by 5, i.e. 5% in my example, because it does 5 hits per second compared to the 1 hit per second which the calculation is based on.

thank you very much for answers.