Quick Login guide for London 2038 testers

Hello Everyone! V1t3r here. I’ve made script to make logging/char change mode comfortable in London 2038. I hate to input my password everytime when I logging or wants to change char - so i made this tutorial.
Tutorial video can be found HERE
If you don’t want to watch and you like to read - here a little instructions what you need to do:

  1. Download Autohotkey (I use v1.1)
  2. Install it.
  3. Download Quick Login Script(Link can be found under tutorial video)
  4. Open script in any text editor(I use notepad++)
  5. Look this screenshot


  1. Change “Nickname”(marks as green “1” on screenshot) to your login nickname
  2. Change “Password”(marks as red “2” on screenshot) to your password(twice)
  3. Save it (Press Ctrl+S )
  4. Now lets check how it works - Press right mouse button on “QLogin#2.ahk” and click “Run script”
  5. Launch London 2038, go to “Multiplayer game” and press Alt+F9 - script will quickly inserts your login and pass. then just press Enter to login.
  6. If you need to relogin(Change char/you has been disconnected/etc) go to “Multiplayer game” again and press Ctrl+F9 - Script will inserts your password. then just press Enter and you’re in game
  7. Also you can make an executable file for this script:
    12.1 Go to - Start > all programs > AutoHotkey and launch “Convert .ahk to .exe”
    12.2 In the “Source” field click “Browse” and select “QLogin#2.ahk” that we already changed and saved
    12.3 In the “Destination” field click “Browse”, select folder where you wants to store an .exe file, write any name for .exe file(for example “qlogin”) and click “Save” button
    12.4 Also you can select an icon file for it(if you want of course) - press “Browse” button in “Custom Icon” field and select .ico file
    12.5 Press “> Convert <” button - now you got your script in exe format!
    12.6 Just launch it before you will start hellgate and use with it!
  8. PROFIT!
P. S.

I hope you find it useful. If you like it - set “thumbs up” under the video in begining of this post or subscribe to my channel to watch my Hellgate streams.

                                              With best whishes, Viter Hellmet.