Rate of fire for many weapons does not match up with patchnotes or in-game info

Hi! I’ve found out that many weapons do not have the rate of fire described in the patchnotes or the value shown in the details info. And I couldn’t find anything about this among the known issues either:
Are these recognized?

The mismatching Templar weapons I’ve found so far (playing a Guardian atm, there’s likely much more):

  • Foulrot (unique dart pistol) - should have 120/min firing rate according to the patchnotes and the in-game description, and yet it still has 40. That’s probably why I can see a lot being sold below 5k in the consigment house, despite that it looks nice on paper
  • Hestia’s Vision (unique fire nova gun) should have 30/min or 92/min firing rate (if the “all nova guns” update shouldn’t have affected it), while it has 18/min in reality
  • Shock and Phase nova weapons (and probably all the others too) should have 30/min firing rate, while they have 18/min in reality.

Should I bring this into a bug report form (the provided google docs form), would it be better that way? Thanks in advance!

Hi Gorvex, thanks for bringing this up. You won’t need to file a bug report over this, no worries.

There were technical limitations with this change, and I’m not sure if documentation followed it closely. By memory this has mostly been fixed on the test server by now, so I should have a more clear update on the issue soon.

Awesome, thank you for the reply Bryan! :smiley: