Re: Masters hands summoner gun

I noticed that since a recent update, I can no longer find masters hand weapons
anywhere. If these weapons were taken out of typical loot drops, (some people
have complained in chat that too many of them were dropping) Please bring them
back, maybe not in the quantity that they once dropped, but let us have them back.

Hi Roscoe, welcome :slight_smile:

Master’s Hands were not removed from the game; by memory, all the update did was reduce Puppet Master drop rates to bring them in line with other weapon types.
Of course, if you find they’ve disappeared completely, I’d be more than happy to investigate it.

I would appreciate it if someone could look into it, after
many hours of farming I have found about every other
type of uniques, but no masters hands, cats paw etc.

Around a month ago, I commented on the masters hands no longer dropping, since then
I still cannot find any. For the next update, please re-introduce this item. I have a HC
summoner and base that build around a masters hand, and if my character dies I do not
have another of these.
If anyone on this forum was able to find a masters hand recently, please let me know where
you found it.