Removal of ghost resurrection

Years ago ghost resurrection was removed because it wasn’t part of non-elite mode.
Which is fine if you use personal portals when crossing between stations so you don’t have to start over. If you forget it you loose a lot of time having to repat the same path, but that isn’t the worst side effect of having no ghost mode.

Missions don’t allow this personal portal resurrection technique - station only. So you often have to restart the whole mission. An hour wasted due to some lag spike, connection stability issue or even your mouse battery running out.

That is why I stopped playing a few years ago and why I got frustrated and quit every time I tried to come back. Removing ghost resurrection in the end just leads to not enjoying the game because it takes several times longer (hours) than it should to progress in the missions due to the mentioned problems.

This seems to have been discussed here. Well, the player base isn’t divided anymore, some have just left. We don’t really mind playing Elite mode. It isn’t the slightly increased gameplay difficulty that drives us away. It is the removal of a very useful and time saving mechanic. That should be optional.

And since I don’t see a survey about this anywhere like it was mentioned in the linked post, here is one.
Do you want ghost resurrection back?

Hello there, and welcome.

Now, I first want to object to the phrasing here.

It wasn’t ghost resurrection that was removed, but the difficulty mode that included it as an option. Elite, which is the default mode now, did not include this mechanic. Therefore, this is not a request to restore a mechanic, but a request to add it into a mode that didn’t include it.

Second, since a claim that this drives players away was made, I’ll repeat what the linked post outlines on player sensibilities. Objections to the absence of this feature are so rare I can only locate 3 (one in the linked post and two here), voiced by 2 people across 4 years. So you can likely see why this issue was not made a priority, when our table is constantly full.

So these notes aside, could you explain this a bit further?

The “personal portal resurrection” method I know of is PRDs; one can leave a PRD in a combat zone, and use it to return there from a station if they’re killed. Which seems to be what you’re also referring to, “[using] personal portals when crossing between stations”.
So, unless you’re referring to a different method, which quests prohibit the use of PRDs? I’m not aware of such interactions.

And finally, thank you for conducting this survey. Through it we can gauge the extent of the issue more accurately, and discuss it appropriately.