Removal of Non-Elite Mode

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In the next patch coming soon, the ability to create characters in non-Elite mode will be removed. This decision was reached due to the unfortunate side effect of the two-difficulty system further fragmenting the already modest player base of this private server. Elite was intended as an up-sell to entice players to purchase a subscription…

Awesome news ! It will prevent a lot of confusion for a lot of players <3

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This is fantastic. I ALWAYS whisper any player I see in the first few towns that are not in Elite, and tell them about Elite mode and give them reasons to switch before it’s too late. Kinda sucks having a low player base that’s fragmented.

I for one and ready to welcome our Normal brethren though!

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Please give the opportunity to pick up your things from the storage of the normal game mode. The game does not give access to them. It is very disappointing because I wanted to give my friend a unique weapon and pick up my legendary things.