Request to change item-skin

I know currently these type of changes aren’t a priority, but i thought i would
post any way and explain my reasoning behind the request.

Ever since i started playing HG:L on release, Quartermaster items has always been
designed more towards engineers than Markman. There are several uniques that are
what i would call a set, that are all Quartermaster and directly linked to Engineer
that has been in the game since release.

And now i see this helmet which is clearly meant to be worn by Marksmen.
But it’s the skin of a Quartermaster helmet.

Now… many people would most like not even care about this, but Quartermaster
was most likely created to be the armorset to be used by engineers from the start.

And for me, it’s herecy to use anything “Engineer” on my Marksman, which is
why i EXCLUSIVELY use Quartermaster items on my Engineer when i play it.

So… i’m really hoping it would be possibly to change the skin of this helm to
either Blast Helm skin or preferably Cybernet Helm skin because it’s the current “endgame” MM skin.

Anyway… my opinion and reasoning.

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