【Request Update】London 2038 - Skill planner


Please can we have an immediate update for skill planner on the main London 2038 site because sadly our currently planner is drastically out-of-date reflecting the amount of game changes to class skills since 2020.

The Skill planer has proven to be an incredibly effective community asset since it was introduced in 2017 and has been helping or used by thousands of community members over the years.

Currently our community members along with content creators who are trying to help new and returning veterans by making online media or class guides for the forums e.t.c have been hampered or waiting for inclusion of the updated planner to be included in their materials for months now.

Understandably we all know that the team are very busy working behind the scenes to bring us great content and other changes but respectfully since the launch of beta the importance of the skill planner is needed more than ever now by alot of people…




Hi Daybreaker

This is one of the most request here.

But just wait a bit longer until the “expansion” wich they are working on is done, otherwise you would most likely double the work.

On the other hand, who has the code of it?