Requested - Abyss level Defender gear

Currently the only tankitems that guardian tanks can rely on, are lvl25 requirement uniques
that covers chest, head, boots and gloves. They can be nano-upgraded to a somewhat decent
level of armor but they have no endgame level equivalent in terms of endgame uniques that
drops in Abyss-level content, not even Moloch which is tied to Stonehence content drops
any higher level unique defender items afaik.

I would love to see tanks finally getting some endgame gear that is tailored towards tanks,
instead of the low armor high shield uniques that drops in the Abyss content.

My guardian tank is sitting around 50/30 and she’s still wearing nanoed level 25 uniques
because currently that’s the best she can get… and it’s original content drops.

Would love to see a fix to this.

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