Resurrection character

Is it possible to return the resurrection of a character after his death? A ghost, at the station, or behind the palladium, in the place where he was killed.As it was in the Global, it seems there are 3 options to choose from.

If your character was or is a non-HC one, it can resurrect after death. It will be respawned in the last station your were in. The palladium revive was a part of non-elite mode, which was removed a while ago.
If it is a HC (hardcore) character, death is permanent. There is no way bringing it back.

You can easily check this on your character select screen or while playing.
All HC characters have a small, red icon below their minimap. Hovering over it will say ‘hardcore’.
In character select, each HC character will have a red background on their portrait.

If your character has neither a red icon, nor a red background on its portrait, it is in softcore.
Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, make it part of the “elite” mode!Who was prevented by this ability!I don’t think it was done by popular demand of the players.It’s just that you create problems for both the players and yourself.And the fact that you explained the basic truths to me, I knew without you, when you hadn’t even heard of London yet!All the best.

Nobody benefits from that, and we never set out to do so. Some things players may perceive as problems are necessary for balance, or caused by some practical limitation, and so on - but we didn’t consciously start this one by thinking “let’s make things harder for players for no reason”.

We explained this at the time. In brief what happened was, excluding Hardcore entirely, players were divided between Non-Elite and Elite, on top of Normal and Nightmare. So we had 4 combinations (Non-Elite/Normal, Non-Elite/Nightmare, Elite/Normal, Elite/Nightmare) that divided the small player base for no good reason.
We looked around and asked what players preferred, and the vast majority seemed to prefer Elite. Players advised newcomers to reroll Normal characters into Elite ones all the time, because that was the largest player segment. Most players at the time seemed to prefer the challenge, including the more limited revival options.
So we opted to make Elite the default mode, and its revival restrictions came with it. There were no objections to this, not ones I can remember anyway, so we’ve kept it unchanged until now.

Now, can we revisit this now? Certainly. I can add a question about it in an upcoming survey, so we can gauge what players want, and raise it internally so we can discuss how it could work and what effects it would have.

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