Reuse unused content

Given that this is a private project and development of new content is not to be expected on a large scale, it is probably an idea not far fetched and probably considered already by the devs to reuse existing content.

For example i dont think anyone does Sydonai runs given his rather limited loot table. Yet he is one of the more unique Bosses - so giving him a better loot table would revive the run.

Occulus and Abby might be worth a run for the few low level items that are worth to farm but they are no challenge at all.
What i have in mind for them is put them in the higher level original Hellgate Maps in the form of Hellrift Bosses.
Imho now that mods are being farmed in the Catacombs (which i like very much) and Brompton or maybe luck runs on chests in wake hollow there is little incentive to do hellrifts. But i think it should be cool to find a hellrift and then ancient blood. Putting one of the not used bosses into the Ancient Blood with a decent loot table would be cool. An idea would be to include the good low level items that people are now farming by doing even maps in normal (sues, duellos, that evoker belt etc.).

Another thing for ancient blood would be a type of setting where exceptionally high numbers of mobs spawn, would like that too. Kindof miss the first Necropolis experience where you need to hold of the masses.

Also another very motivating (but maybe a bit offtopic) thing would be quests giving you a free Aug. Augments are cool since they produce unique items. But i think they are too expensive. it doesnt neet to be the leg aug but enabling players to get upgrades for gear more often is not a bad thing and it can go wrong too. Could be a reward for the Sydonai thing as it is a rather long run. Might be overpowered but just an idea.

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I like the idea.

I wish I had the money to pay a top-notch Dev to “volunteer” to help with the project. Haha :smile:

Yesterday i did St. Pauls Quests after a long time doing only Stonehenge and Cata Runs and Abbys Bosses. My Char is still not really finnished but he can do Molloch Solo, Squadro the easiest Abyss Boss and sneaked in a Cata 9 Netherward.
But boy was i shredded in St.Pauls! But good memories came up (allways like the difficulty there). I had encounters which i have long forgotten like Rift Coils if you know what i am talking. And i realized why i allways feared Furies but until now they where not dangerous at all. But when they are 59 they really need to be taken out first. I had 2 summoners which i had a hard time holding up- something i remembered having when doing Necropolis for the first time but which is nowadays not happening that often since chars are usually better when doing Necropolis for the first time.

What i am saying is that imho the real endgame lies there because the game is most difficult from St.Pauls onward. There is alot of encounters that are different from what you usually get and even if you compare the dificulty with the higher Cata levels it is different. Not sure if i am right but there seems to be another type of difficulty settings goin on here. In Catas the mobs seems to have higher HP which i dont really like. In St.Pauls the Hp is going down reasonably but they are hard hitting as fuck and some combinations are really really deadly. It was also refreshing to run a tube level with its big caverns or ancient blood again.

All in all this Area should be made “runnable” imho. There should be reason to do Sydonai runs or travel to Paternoster Row. But Sydonai while probably the hardest boss of all just doesn’t drop anything useful and hellrifts don’t offer anything special to go for besides the few chests which you can now have tons of in Wake hollow.

Probably the easiest thing would be to add some good items to Sydonais loottable but i am really a fan of a free aug as this encourages experimenting with weapons which is not achievable for most people otherwise since Augs are expensive and getting money through the AH is harder the fewer people play. I think you would also see alot of unique items in the AH when people misaug their items but it might just be the combinations of affixes some other needs for some esoteric build.

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Also in the time when Stonhenge was the only Endgame, people farmed elites in the Wild and the difficulty there was alot harder (not as hard as St. Pauls) which made them stick more together which is alot more fun than people going solo in groups.

It was a no brain party as there was no specific role for the people to run somewhere special like in parliament where everyone is doing one rift solo and when he reaches it people port there and stuff.
It was just grouping up an kill everything together which was fun. Today the wild is a run through level on the rarely done Dessy (which should have more desireable drops). I know today it wouldnt be as enjoyable as people are too op for the wild already and they wouldnt see a need to stick together but it was cool back then.

Also if possible something should be done about the group playability of the Head Runs in Stonehenge . Grouping is way too complicated though it shouldnt end up with people doing the way to the Bosses solo and then others port to them.

Another idea to reuse old content can be derived from Diablo III and POE.
In Diablo much of the Endgame are the Rifts. Where you open a Level of choosable difficulty and the higher you get the more dangerous rifts you can subsequently open. A bit like the Catas. But that could be transferred to the headruns where you feed the entry portal with a number of essences and the more you feed the stronger the run will be.
Or the wild could be made that way where the color and number you feed the entry defines the faction of mobs and their numbers.
There could be rare essences which would spawn a Boss or two etc.
Ancient Bloods would be a nice place for this to happen too. You search for Rifts with an ancinet blood and pay a certain ammount of essences at the portal and then shredd through the created level.

POE has a really crazily detailed map creation system for which the cube could be used where a map is created on the stuff you put into the cube. Though a bit more complicated it is an nearly endless way to create content.