Revival Mod for SP

Greetings to all :grin:

Just a short question.
Is it possible to have both mods London2038 and the Revival Mod installed? Revival only for SP use or will this make some problems in the MP Modification? :upside_down_face:


You need to have a second copy of the game.
Basically, you install the game(as an example on C: ), install the sp and mp patches run the game in sp and mp.
Copy the game to another location, say to D drive. Use this one for your sp mods.
I would also recommend creating a shortcut, once it’s been relocated, and add -buildserver to the target in the shortcut properties. This creates settings, screenshot, etc folders in the game’s directory, so there’s no conflict with the other installation.
So for the other installation, uninstall the first one (C: ), since it has the sp patch which london2038 doesn’t like being there, leave the one you copied(D: )
Now reinstall on C and apply the mp patch, then do the steps for london2038.

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I have both games in the same folder.
HG2038 loads both single and multi player versions.
The revival .exe still loads what it used to with all of its options.
I have loaded the single player game as late as last weekend with HG2038.
I guess YMMV but hope not.