Saving Private Bryan (My YT channel)

Heya :slight_smile:

There have been requests for it in-game, so here you’ll find my youtube channel that’s dedicated to London 2038 content.

In bland, often dry humor, I try to explore mechanics such as Luck, do related video follow-ups to any guides I may write here, showcase gameplay footage of popular areas such as the Abyss, and underline developments in 2038’s advancing state such as the now-fixed skill, Darkform.
I also accept any and all community and fan requests and challenges, dubbing said videos as “Fanservice”. Any requests that I get here, on Discord, on Facebook, on hellgateaus, or anywhere else, may eventually end up in said series.
Lastly, I try to provide clear tutorials for topics that there’s demand for. I made 2 tutorials on modding SP with the Revival tools, and will likely do more depending on popular demand.

So that’s it. Thank you for your time, and I’ll see you at the Gates :slight_smile:

Hey Bryan,

let me first start off by saying that I enjoy all of your videos and have seen all have the same, good job so far!

Personally I would love if you could also show the items and the build you are using on char in videos where you are doing boss kills, so I can get an idea of what gear level is required in order to achieve similar results (e.g. do I need a 50/50 char with full abyss set gear and 10 perfectly rolled mythic mods in my weapons or is a 50/10 char with just a few legendary mods and no endgame uniques enough?)

As someone who only played HGL on its release 10 years ago and then only started coming back a few months ago, I had to research quite alot of topics myself by scanning through tons and tons of outdated info, hellgate global information thats just incorrect for London2038 and videos/screenshots that got taken offline a long time ago, and I still couldnt figure everything out yet. Therefore I feel that there is a big lack of accurate information on alot of ingame issues and tutorials on various aspects of the game, that might end up being very usefull to quite alot of other players. Maybe you (or any other video content developer) can take some inspiration of this list:

  • Evasion, how does it work? I mean the stat found on Marksman/Engineer gear, is it entropy based (meaning after a certain amount of hits you will definitly evade the next one, or just another chance of not getting at all?

  • Luck, how does it work in partys? Maybe as a follow-up to the luck video you already made. Does only the +luck of the person last hitting a mob affects the droprate for all others? Does the +luck of every party member gets added together and averaged out afterwards for everyone individually? How does luck affect chests and destroyable objects within a party, whose luck counts there? Does the Fortune expertise really give you +1680 luck on rank 4 (as it is in the skill planners and, according to Omerta, also in the game files, or does this value later on get divided by 10 (for whatever reason) as another player has told me ingame? After playing with a luck set myself for the last months, I can safely say there is alot of misconception and confusion within the playerbase about this, everyone thinks its working differently and noone knows a guarantee answer.

  • additionally on the topic of luck, whats the maximum amount of luck one can achieve with legit ingame methods, and are there certain breakpoints where one can ‘feel’ the difference? Does Luck really affect the spawnrate of passageways and the probability of getting treasure passageways? Does luck affect the spawnrate of magic/legendary/unique bosses in areas, and if it does, whose luck matters here in a party? (The person entering the area the first?)

  • Which kind of mods do actually affect which kind of skills? Splash radius mods in weapons do affect evoker skills aoe size, but for marksman and/or engineer strikes this seems to be not the case? Does +elemental attack strength affect the summoners minions?

  • Which kind of base items are worth picking up, even though they are green/blue? For evokers I can say that these are Coreshredders and maybe Prisms for the usual kind of builds, but for other classes I have absolutly no clue.

  • What rolls do actually make some items good? Do I need a + % physical damage roll on top of a generic + % damage roll on a 600shots/minute 2handed gun make it desireable for marksman/engineer? What about the same rolls on a sword? Does a generic + % damage roll on a focus affect spells casted by the evoker using that weapon or just the general auto-attack damage of the focus?

  • What are the high-end base items that came from the abyss patch and ‘everyone’ seems to be looking for? So far I’ve found Ripshard Focus and Gleam carver swords to fit into this category, but are there more?

  • Snapshotting, how does it work and can it be abused properly on various classes? For example, on evoker I’ve noticed you can use Concentrate Damage, then cast Tempest and Spectral Serpents afterwards, and then move (which removes the damage buff from Concentrate Damage) and your Tempest and Spectral Serpents will still deal the additional damage while their up, even though the buff is gone. Are there additional other ways of ‘snapshotting’ your damage like this?

  • boss guides, showing the boss abilities, how to dodge them and how to kill bosses properly seems to be lacking. I’ve killed them all myself by now, and I do know that there are a ton of written guides about them, but in a video format I havnt seen a single one where the boss just doesnt get pushed over in seconds due to tons of shrapnels. I know alternalo recently made a video where he showed how to proplery fight Ash on a melee char, but for other bosses I havnt seen anything.

  • Leveling builds to make the journy from 1 - 30+ abit less painfull on various classes (marksman, DF summoner…). How do you level these classes properly without easy access to AOE skills?

  • what kind of debuffs do stack on mobs and bosses? do multiple curses cancel each other out? Do multiple defense reductions through various sources stack on top of each other?

  • How does PRD - resetting of instances for easy access to bosses work?

  • weapons for engineer drones, which ones are even usefull?

  • Which quest - bosses can be farmed in such a way like gnip pong with the 2nd broker quest, and are they even worth doing?

  • Where do all these good uniques even drop? There are some heavy drop limitations like SUE shoulders / balbis ring only dropping in these low level zones, or Hu’s Hypershot only dropping in areas around monster level 38, but how does one figure out such thing without looking into the code? Is there a general concept for this?

  • Retrainers (Attribute, Skill, expertise) and Dye Kits, where does which one drop?

  • Side quests, in which order should I run them to avoid having to re-run zones?

  • Since there are so many uniques, which ones are actually really good for certain classes? Thinking about SUE, Balbis ring, Hu’s Hypershot here, but there are probably alot of others I don’t even know about and checking the wiki list of 317 uniques one by one might be a bit of a hassle, I’m sure there are very experienced players out there who could share this kind of information very easily.

  • I have found absolutly no information on the pvp modes, aside from just doing them against mobs while doing the story. Does PVP work in london2038? If it does, what kind of pvp modes do actually work, just 1vs1 or also team based? I have seen absolutly noone doing pvp in london2038 so far, and would love to see it if it works.

I realize that alot of these questions can be answered just by playing the game alot and experimenting yourself, and asking for tutorials/guides on some of these topics may seem alot like hand-holding, but this is the kind of stuff that comes up when you dont know much about the game and want to learn more. Some of these questions have most likely already been answered several times on discord, but finding this can also be quite problematic.

Sorry for the long list!

Thank you very much for the thorough reply. This will be a great point of reference when going forward, both in terms of creating content and writing guides and wiki pages.

I’ll try to cover a few of those here, and keep others in mind for future reference :slight_smile:

As far as I know, Evasion is another chance to evade melee hits. I may be very wrong as is this is a very underexplored mechanic, so reasearch in this area will be required.

There is no indication that it works for parties that I know of, and recent research on it has been inconclusive. I am definitely planning on researching this more, of course :slight_smile:

I’m completely uninformed in that area, so I’ll definitely look into that.

It should be roughly 3000, assuming Fortune grants 168 and not 1680, and sadly that’s Templar-exclusive: ~227*7 (1x Mythic +Luck on each piece of armor) + 50 (Dark Vengeance Dye Kit) + 168 ( Fortune, again assuming it grants 168 and not 1680) + 800 (2x Fisher’s Fiery Cast with 400 Luck each) + ~400 (6 mods with ~64 Luck, 3 in each Fisher’s).
Other classes should be able to achieve similar amounts of Luck, but sadly not as much, as Fisher’s truly is a Unique in terms of the Luck values it grants.

As for breakpoints, there are none that I know of, but it could certainly be the case.

To my knowledge, Luck affects nothing apart from drop rates. As for the party aspect, Luck affecting parties is unclear at the moment.

Evokers are a special case in that regard, as their skills are entirely dependant on their focus items. So generally, +radius only affects the radius of Evoker skills, and otherwise only affects weapons themselves (and the performance of skills that directly use them of course, such as SoJ). There may be some obscure exceptions to this rule, but none that come to mind at the moment.
As for +elemental strength, no. “Elemental strength” specifically refers to the strength of elemental effects such as Ignite and Poison, while Elementals are minions, and are thus only affected by +minion stats on gear and stat/behavior-changing skills.

That would be a lengthy list :stuck_out_tongue:
Each class has specific item types that are more beneficial than others, and there are even noteworthy named Legendaries (such as Techsmith’s Noxious Effluviator) and Rares (such as The Bleeder) that perform magnificently, in cases even arguably better than their normal counterparts. The same applies to properties that make items desirable, of course.
As for what those may be for each class, I’d suggest keeping an eye out for more detailed class guides that may list them, and asking the veteran residents.

A general rule of thumb is that high RoF/attack speed, base crit and crit chance multipliers (for crit builds anyway), +ele % (as it both adds to base damage and is then multiplied by crit damage), and item types with more mod slots are generally preferable for the endgame. Weapons that have decent AoE range such as Surgecasters and Firefox Launchers may be preferable early on despite their relatively low(er) base damage, as they can be of massive help in leveling faster.

There are indeed :slight_smile: Those would be

  1. Grimace, Moorgoth’s Hand, and Moorgoth’s Hold for Templars
  2. Mastodon, Doompulse, and XM9x Thundergod for Hunters
  3. Black Angel, The Abandoned Fist, and Galactic Conquest for Cabalists.

All of the above also have normal variants, of course, but they only come in Legendary and above grades.

Cabalists were particularly favored at the time of TCv4’s closing, as each of the 3 TC foci types also has 2 other, lower level Unique variants. I didn’t include them here as they’re generally not as sought after and “endgame” per se, but they’re also on the wiki :slight_smile:

Due to the nature of most skills, “snapshotting” in this sense shouldn’t really be possible beyond that example.
Strikes and Grenades (ie the Toxic ones’ field) may work with Tactical Stance in a similar way, but you’d need to ask a veteran Hunter for clarification :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s certainly a thought to keep in mind for future content :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that’s indeed the case. Some classes do have less access to AoE by nature. In such cases, I’d suggest partying up with others and/or using AoE/splash guns (such as Firefox Launchers and Effluviators respectively for those two classes).

Generally, same debuffs/skills either cancel each other out or don’t apply (ie Beacon), regardless of source. Debuffs from multiple sources should always stack as long as they’re different in nature/different skills (ie one player’s Denounce and another player’s Beacon, in contrast to two players’ Beacons).
There may be exceptions to this, but none that I’m currently aware of.

The way this used to be used was, a player would leave a PRD. Another player would leave the party, go to a combat station such as Green Park, and rejoin the party from there.
I’m not personally aware of whether this process now differs, so you’d have to ask around for that :slight_smile:

The general rule of thumb is that such Uniques are best farmed from bosses and mobs that are in a similar level range as the items in question (~5-10 levels above and below, I believe, though the exact range eludes me at the moment), and loot named after bosses (ie Sydonai’s Thorax) can always be farmed from their namesake bosses regardless of level.

That is, of course, assuming the loot tables are intact. Which, given the case of TCv4’s premature closure, may not always be the case.

As above, assuming the loot tables are intact, Skill and Attribute Retrainers should drop from Moloch, and Expertise Retrainers should drop from Dessy.
Others keep a closer eye on the current state of loot tables than I, so it’s best to ask veteran testers and check the wiki to confirm this.

That would definitely be a huge list :stuck_out_tongue:
Many side-quests do take a specific completion order to avoid backtracking, and some are frankly impossible to do in one run due to how they’re designed.
A thorough quest guide would definitely be of help, so I do hope that either I eventually find the time to write one, or that someone else does :slight_smile:

As above, optimal weapon choices vary wildly depending on intended use. A Surgecaster or Firefox Launcher would be good for basic PvE farming, a Magnum would be great for single-target damage, and a Peg Leg/Yahtel’s Fist combo would be ideal for pure tanker Drones.
A thorough Engineer guide will hopefully cover this in more depth than I.

That really depends on what gear is sought, and what effort one considers worthy. I hear Morbat and Mutilator are popular Lords these days, but I wouldn’t know of other such cases.

PvP has always been a rather unappealing part of Hellgate. Class design and available PvP modes seem to make for an underwhelming experience, though personally I’ve enjoyed PvP in Global while there was interest in it by others.
In London 2038 it’s still in an incomplete state, and has been on low priority for a while. I’ll be sure to cover it more thoroughly once that changes :slight_smile:

Apologies for switching the order near the end. While most probably not complete and/or entirely illuminating, I do hope some of those assisted you in returning to the game :slight_smile:

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