Screenshots from HELL!


Every trip needs to be remembered. Even more so if said trip includes the slaughter of swarms of bloodthirsty demons.

So, this cozy corner is dedicated to screenshots of your unique encounters. Share your glorious moments and funny mishaps (and unavoidable tragic deaths) with the world :smiley:


OK, my first Sydonai-Kill without stuff from vendor :yum:


Nice, was the mythic any good?


no, TRD is crap :neutral_face:


homeless zombie bum.


Jenny makes an mess of it


Another variant :sunglasses:


I miss my Cricket bat :sob::sob::sob:


191 Accuracy on a BM :thinking: .


That’s fairly common, really :stuck_out_tongue:
Doesn’t make all the sense in the world that mighty Templars need to have the accuracy of a surgeon, but well.


Darkform summoner at it’s best :stuck_out_tongue:


Several other of my screens including the one above.


Dye kit from Talox


My Engieer from the last Alpha phase, my crown jewel - perfect gear-

My Engieer from this phase .

The Thee Eingneers cleaning up Catacombs level by level.

More awesmoe screemshots will follow. - For The Living.


she just cant stop lol


Another of this dye kit :slight_smile:


found it :wink:


Harley’s blind date


Not from London 2038 but i hope we can fight him again in the future.
I miss the times when Flamehshards was a good DPS skill :grin:


Lord Chroorsay came to visit. Oh, how he hurt me. I had to kill him.