Selectable in game difficulties

hi wasn’t sure where to post it so figured general would be a good place. is there any chance or thoughts of adding the in game difficulties like normal/nightmare/hell at all? was just wondering and didn’t see anything in my searches. if this is the wrong place, sorry in advance and thanks for all y’alls hard work on this project :slight_smile:

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What do you mean? If you kill the final story boss(i belive Sydonai was the name?) you can go to nightmare and after doing it in nightmare you can go to hell. Or am i drunk?

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It’s probably not documented in public, indeed, but it’s a suggestion we’ve gotten a few times. I can’t say with certainty whether that system will be restored to how it was in Global, but it’s by all means on the table.

That’s somewhat true; killing Sydonai in Normal unlocks Nightmare, but there’s no Hell after it.
What the OP refers to though (or so I would assume by their phrasing - please correct me if I’m wrong) is the toggled difficulty modes of Global, which functioned differently. Namely, the player could choose an encounter’s difficulty on the fly, which seems to be much more popular than our current system.

yeah that’s actually exactly what I was meaning was the selectable difficulties on the fly, however the main reason I wasn’t sure about it being done is that it does seem like that system was keyed more towards the Tokyo content being able to supplement the journey from 30ish to 50+ and wasn’t sure that would even be a consideration or how it would be implemented while missing that additional content unless it was being used as just a supplemental difficulty that was unlocked upon beating NM syd. thanks also for the responses to this.

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