Sell or Dismantle?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if you had any guidelines regarding selling and dismantling ?

Right now, I dismantle all “commons” and sell most “uncommons” and “rares” for cash.
Good “legendaries” and “double-edged” go to the CH and crap ones are sold to the vendors.

This kinda works but leaves me a bit short on components…

Do you have a more efficient method to share ? Do you sell or dismantle everything ?

I’m curious to read your answers :wink:

Apart from the very early part of the game when any gear will do to get me started, I have always broken up whites and green and sold blues. I also break up legendary’s and unique’s that I don’t want. In late game though there are some extremely nice ‘greens’ in the form of armour pieces that are worth looking out for.

I have always found that approach earns me a decent amount of Palladium and generates the scrap and shards that I need for the latter stages of the game.

I usually don’t bother selling things, and just dismantle the whole lot, unless it looks like something I could use later in the same or a different character, where it goes to the shared loot. By dismantling blues and up you sometimes get those legendary parts that are needed to upgrade gear later in the game. The stuff you get from killing things are generally better than those you find being sold, and the only thing I use money for on a regular basis is to buy stacks of analyzers, a couple of PRD’s if I run low, and stacks of adrenaline for speed runs with friends.

Using the auto-dismantler I dismantle everything not of my class. and up to legendary in my class. I tend to get most money from treasure passages or brompton cemetary. (Parliament). I do sell some items at the auction but only things I have used and am up-replacing with new gear.