Shield Bash sometimes doesn't deal damage?

this happened multiple times: target is in melee range, indicator says 2m away, both brackets are green with melee attack on one mouse button and shield bash on another, but the swings just don’t connect, even after Taunt, which supposedly forces monsters into melee range. few times i figured out i might have been attacking something behind me somehow or hitting the maggots next to the enemy with a single-target shield, but for others i have no explanation.

Ping would be my only guess here, otherwise this probably warrants an investigation.

failed to mention: i often use Anchor and i think this only happens with it active. also, it’s not just one hit missing - it’s all hits until me or the target moves closer.

In my experience, Shield Bash seems to have a super short range. I can hit things with single-target sword swings from way farther away than with a Shield Bash. For the latter, I basically have to crawl into the mob’s hitbox. BTW, I don’t use Anchor on my shield guardian right now.

Thats problem with communiaction between client and server. Situation that one or other particular mob does not take dmg is not uncommon but what You need is to move so data is transferred. Often i see mobs around me but when they die corpse lying in different point of location.

We - my brother and i (play often) - experience this from time to time and like i said its not uncommon. For me those “micro lags” are the main reason why i go AoE.