Shield/Tank hybrid Guardian - The Harkonnen Devastator

Hello there again!


So here I am, unbothered by updating my previous crit-marksman build, bringing you a new one - The Harkonnen Devastator Supreme Battle Tank. Combining the best of both worlds - the nigh-immortality of your average tank guardian and the devastating power of the current shieldian. Let’s get to it then.
As I like to torture people by making them read huge portions of text (and myself by writing all of it), a small explanation is in order. This time, I would like to start with the gear itself. There are only 3 pieces of must-have gear, but I will explain each choice.

General information
A +1 Guard Skills helmet and a +1 Guard Skills shield are really necessary due to the many skills we’ll be using. Also, you really want as much armor as possible, but this honestly depends on your playstyle. Stats we are looking for are (the higher the better):

  1. Shield Skills Userate - faster cooldown on Shield Throw and Great Defender. Swordsman armor can roll with sword skills userate - we don’t want that.
  2. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST - for longer duration of Great Defender and Sprint. And family.
  3. STR - mo powa baby! (other stats are valuable too, since you can insert the unused ones into STR)
  4. Armor - have you ever seen a tank without any?
  5. Shield Damage - increases the overall damage of your skills.

Here, a +1 Guardian Skills helmet beats out any other choice.

  1. Face of the Crusader - “The helmet of the unlucky Blademaster” This is to be used if you want to delete stuff rather than surviving it. 3%cc, up to 75%cd, shield penetration, +STR. Ugly, but well worth it.
  2. Hero’s Spiked Guard - Harder to find nowadays, but well worth. The amount of armor you can fit in this bad boy…
  3. Hero’s (defender helmet) with Shield Skill Userate - Can potentially equal the Spiked Guard, due to being able to roll userate.

This slot can really be randomized. I recommend defender shoulders with userate and +stats/boost. The Collection Plates are a nice choice offering a lot of armor+hp and can even come with userate, but can’t be augmented unfortunately - you’ll miss the bonus stat or boost on these.

This spot should be covered by a good legendary/double-edged/mythic defender torso (ofc with userate). It offers a lot of armor. Recommended is a combination of userate+boost, +stats, then you’re looking for bonus armor and hp/%hp.
Also, a Sol’s Invictus with userate is a great choice for survivability, offering +2 to AURA OF DEFENSE, a lot of armor + stamina. Unfortunately, it can’t be augmented, so you’ll be losing out on some damage here.


  1. Hands of Heaven - the best choice in damage, especially with crit based builds. Up to +20% physical damage makes these bad boys unrivaled.
  2. Legendary/double-edged/mythic defender gloves - userate, can even come with up to +20% shield skill damage. Opt for these for more survivability through superior armorpower.


  1. Archangel Cincture - Up to +20% physical damage, +STR.
  2. Warrior Belt - Allthough it comes with +2 AURA OF RENEWAL (which isn’t being put to use in this build), it offers massive surivability, can come with userate and be augmented once. Keep looking for that sweet roll and augment some boost rate on it.
  3. Legendary/double-edged/mythic defender belt - same case as the gloves above.


  1. The by far the best choice - this is a must-have piece of gear. The DoD exclusive Defender’s Chausses - A massive 25% userate reduction, up to +3 GREAT DEFENDER, massive armor and hp and %hp.
  2. Juggalator’s Guards - up to +30% flat damage bonus. Not bad, but the userate and +skill overpower these by a mile.
  3. Legendary/double-edged/mythic defender leg armor - same case as the gloves and belt above.


  1. Archangel Gliders - the best booties for any good guardian. Apart from the massive movement speed and +SPRINT, these chompy-stompies come with +STAMPEDE - which is also a must-have for DoD related builds. Can get you out of sticky situations fast.
  2. Legendary/double-edged/mythic defender boots - You’re looking for ones with movement speed, SPRINT 3, userate and some bonus STR/All Attributes. You lose stampede though.


  1. Dark Master - Up to 3%cc / 125%cd, this is the best dps item for crit builds.
  2. Rare/Legendary Squadro’s Prism - Userate + elemental damage is a great combination.
  3. Fulcrum’s Masterwork Scale - The best survivability ring there is. Very, VERY high armor bonus.
  4. Squadro’s Masterwork Crystal - Up to 7% armor penetration, up to 10% elemental damage.

Now here is something that can be exchanged at will. The dye doesn’t make or break the build. Generally the choices can be the following:
Shadow Dye Kit - if your shield has a 3%cc augment, and you use a Dark Master and Face of the Crusader, you can get 2%cc out of the dye itself. If you’re missing one of those, don’t bother.
Black Knight Dye Kit - stats. You can invest into more STR thanks to this.
Scorched Dye Kit - You can use the ignite and/or stun coming with the shield that’s necessary for the build.
Jade Dye Kit - You can never go wrong with another 20% movement speed.

Here we’re going to be a bit specific. The thing with this build is that your weapon will now be your stat-carrying offhand, and your shield will be the YEET-all-END-all of the build.
Therefore, let’s get the weapon out of the way:

  1. A normal (white) Vorpal Slasher/Ripper - this gun can have 7 mod slots, and you will be using EVERY. ONE. OF. THEM. Why a normal one you ask? Because of stat feeds. The normal one, upgraded to the highest item lvl of 42 (because of mods) requires 29 ACCU and 29 STR. Higher rarities always come with higher feeds. Your optimal choice is a white one auged with a +3 SKILL only.
    Since no other properties from the weapon carry over to your shield damage, you’ll be slapping +stat mods into this baby. Try and get as much +STR mods, but others help too, especially +STAM. ACCU and WILL might help out a bit too.
  2. Grimace - This sword comes with up to 5 mod slots, and it’s massive (up to) +50 ACCU pays for that part of the weapon feed. Remember, you’ll be having plenty of STR, so this weapon will pretty much have 0 stat feed. Can also have +3 DEFLECTION AURA, which makes this a viable possibility.
  3. A +3 HAMPER sword. Alltho the 3rd choice, this is also a must-have item. Will be explained in the skillbuild itself. You can’t use HAMPER with a gun, so a sword it is. The more slots, the better, which you’ll be slapping with as many stats as possible, so that it pays for itself.

Ah yes, the crux of the build. The supreme item. The yeetus-deletus. The Captain America to your Iron Man. Don’t bother with the older pre-patch variants, the damage on those shields is miniscule compared to the newer ones.

  1. The Merkabah - Massive splash damage, ignite, stun, +1 Guard Skills, SHIELD MASTER 1. Comes automatically with 3%cc and a massive 300%cd. Can come with 2 slots:
    Tech - the best combo working for me is a 3%cc +%ele dmg.
    Battery - a tripple-ele battery should be occupying this one.
    Slaps shield this bad boy can fit so much damage in it - Taunt as many mobs as possible, YEET, profit.
  2. Legendary/double-edged/mythic citadel shield - Comes automatically with 10%cc and 50%cd. The nemesis (+5% cc) and the global (+100% splash) make this shield really great. Legendary variants can be used very well in CCM builds. You’ll be losing +1 Guard Skills, which is a bummer.
  3. Legendary/double-edged/mythic citadel shield - Comes automatically with 3%cc and 300%cd. The nemesis (+5% cc) and the global (+100% splash) make this shield really great aswell. Legendary variants can be used very well in CCM builds. You’ll be losing +1 Guard Skills, which is a bummer.
  4. Moorgoth’s Hold - can rival #2 and #3, if the augs are good. Has STAMPEDE and a lot of bonus range and splash.
    x. Keeper of the North Star - A good shield to pair with your HAMPER weapon. The old variant is good aswell, because it does have a lot of armor. Also has +1 Guard Skills.

Here a little note: This is my build. I know yours is better. I know yours does more damage/survives more. Now that that’s out of the way, this build is a hybrid, and what you want to do with it relies mostly on your gear choice, as it can do both great damage and facetank an 18-wheeler. How does the build work you ask?

Let’s take a look at the SHIELD tree:

SHIELD BASH - your go-to left-click. Takes care of stragglers and can usually oneshot any trash mob following you around. A tiny AoE too.
SHIELD TURN - a fill-in skill inbetween throws. 360 degrees of b!tchslapping goodness.
SHIELD THROW - the nuke of the shieldian’s arsenal. I like to keep it maxxed, because of the maximum ricochet range.
SHIELD MASTER - self-explanatory. You get +2 from Helmet+Shield, and the Merkabah also has +1 bonus to this skill specifically.
(STAMPEDE) - if you use Archangel Gliders, you don’t have to invest 3 skillpoints into this skill.
SPIRITUAL TOUGHNESS - 80 STAM bonus, so once again, you can use all of the unspent points in STR.

Now for some survivability - the DEVOTIONS tree:

AURA OF DEFENSE - a bonus to your armor, always a welcome choice.
AURA OF SALVATION - works wonders in DoD specifically, raising your elemental defenses.
AURA OF POWER - the combination of taunting, shieldthrowing and healing costs a lot of power. This helps you through easily.
AURA OF DEFLECTION - a powerful aura destroying projectiles, a must-have for DoD.
GRAND AURA - worth one point, but since you’ll be facetanking most of the time, you usually have the maximum amount of mobs (8) breathing down your neck most of the time.
AURA STABILITY - allows the combination of 3 auras and upgrades them a bit.
PRAYER OF HEALING - healing yourself and the whole party.
(GREAT DEFENDER) - the best heal/armor buff ingame, and what’s more, for the whole party! Make party great again. With enough boost and userate, you’ll only have a few seconds of cooldown between the buffs. You’ll get this one from the pants ofcourse.

Note: You can play with the skill combination as much as you want. If you opt out of using HAMPER, you can even max most of the stuff here for supreme survivability.

2nd note: As you can combine up to 3 auras at once, I usually run with the following combos:
POWER/DEFENSE/DEFLECTION - for party play usually. Covers everything.
POWER/DEFENSE/SALVATION - DoD combo for zombies.
DEFLECTION - DoD for bosses only, when most of the zombies are killed. You really need this one to keep the party alive. Imho really likes to kill people with his balls.
POWER/DEFLECTION - for solo boss battles. You can eventually switch off DEFLECTION for maximum power gain.

And last but not least, the RETRIBUTION tree:

SWORD OF RECKONING - you won’t be using this one at all. SHIELD BASH does way more damage.
HAMPER - with +2 skills from Helmet and Shield, and a +3 HAMPER weapon, you bring the world of hurt to any boss with a massive 36% armor reduction (and the movement speed decrease also helps with the annoying broad in DoD).
CHALLENGE - spitting some serious demonkind offending curses (MAKE LONDON GREAT AGAIN / THERE’S ONLY TWO CASTES / DEMONS CANNOT EXPERIENCE CASTISM - you get the idea now), 2 points are enough as you only need to get to-
PROVOKE - honing your offense by inventing new impressive phrases and words.
Note: As I base my build on DoD as the endgamest of all endgame content, you won’t get much use from DENOUNCE. Imhotep and Ankh cannot be taunted by this and thefore it’s useless.

Well, only a short explanation here - get as much STR as possible. More STR = More DMG.

And that’s pretty much it. As said, this is a universal skill build, where you can alter between a damager and a tank by switching out gear, and you don’t really have to hunt the pesky retrainers. I, for once, hunt Wake Hallow bosses in luck gear with this build. Ofcourse, I’m always looking for ideas and upgrades, so feel free to comment. Cheerio!


A small taste: (correct video this time)
This is an Ash kill - generally the hardest boss for templar classes to kill. Apart from boots, everything is luck gear.


This is amazingly well-written, from the hellothere.gif to the skill explanations to the contemporary family meme pepper. So let me skip the “guide” part entirely, and just comment on that; this is a guide I’d read again just for the long humorous explanations, which is a very new, commendable trait for a guide to have.
For me who likes that stuff anyway.

Now, I’m deeply offended by everything you said here:

  1. London IS great, and it has been throughout its history. The 2007 Declaration of Resistance is the best thing ever, and if you don’t like it you can move to Tokyo.
  2. There are multiple castes, actually. The player has offensive access to 4, and some are interchangeable - like, a Necro can identify as a Zombie and still be affected by anti-necro castism by discriminating players.
  3. Demons of all kinds and all walks of unlife experience castism every single day, y’know. It’s only the player-passing Demons like 314 who do not.

…oh. I see you’ve maxed PROVOKE, hm?

But yeah, really informative at that. I haven’t been able to catch up to how Guardians shaped up, so this

caught me… off-guard.
Really interesting development though, in my books. You don’t see a staple lose its stapleness every day.

Adding this to the guide index for sure, and let nobody pity the Stampede of the Disco Guardians that will befall London.

Glad that you like it! I’m always for including a bit of fun, helps people understand the guide easily and really read through the nasty bulk of text, so that no questions arise that aren’t already answered in the guide itself.
As for the London part… we-heeeeeell I wouldn’t consider desolate streets full of hostile demonkin to be great. But who am I to judge. At least I have some unlucky targets to practice on with my oversized fidget spinner.
(Also, what about the poor dunder-lich type? Poor buggers look worse than undead but if I remember correctly, is considered a spectral? Poor guy must not-live in a non-living hell. …uhhhh…Heaven?)
Let’s remember - the shield doesn’t judge. It just hates.
And as for regeneration - I have been playing tank a lot. More than a few DoD runs behind me. The Salvation aura does more good than regeneration, as the slow regen doesn’t do much with fast-paced gameplay where you either have full HP or run around like a headless chicken mashing prayer
of healing and/or injectors because your HP suddenly dropped to 1/3. Renewal is good for your standard content, but not for the boss/DoD extremes.

Also, I kinda know I’m shooting myself (and other Guardians) in the foot, as it may happen that suddenly Guard gear really rises in price. :slight_smile:

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I like the build. Especially because it works in AOD (which mine doesnt do that well) and uses Merkabah as the obivious best choice.

I would add that when you intend to aug +3 Hamper on any sword then use Goldies Tactic as this also gives you additional armor penetration via the inbuilt heavenly condemnation. You are likely to switch for Hamper anyways and heavenly then is only one click away.

This is a great point. I think I have some Goldies on my mule, and as they are low lvl swords, the augments shouldn’t cost as much. Thanks for pointing that out!

Dont nano them, they have an insane strength feed.

London-2038-Client-SP mod Un 1.5.4b with game experience archive (](

Now that’s pretty mighty. Selling that by any chance? :smiley:

They are all Singleplayer items. I follow your guide than made it out.

In that case, you might add Boost Duration on a few pieces here and there. For the Great Defender buff duration.

Because the attribute points obtained by SideQuest have not been completed, the current Strength/Stamina points are not enough for equipment consumption, these buff affixes can only be put on hold.

Level 50 Rank 20 Guardian arrivaled Nightmare difficulty Temple Station. Attribute point situation has been eased.