Shotguns and their place in Hellgate

Let’s first define what we want a shotgun to be, HUGE damage at short range with a large spread that increases damage falloff fast. Get upclose to your enemy and blast them in the face.

What are the current issues with shotguns ?.

  1. Shotguns are apparently tied to stun-damage, and even with max 6 slots modded for any other damagetype, it will be hard to get that element to pass the original stun power.

  2. Shotguns rarely has any crit% on them, combined with a slow rate of fire which makes it even harder to land critical strike.

My Suggestions.

  1. Open up shotguns for a variet of possible elemental damages,
    such as ignite, phase, shock, toxic.
    For example - A current “Roundhouse Nanodyne legendary shotgun” can easily reach over 2k elemental attack in stun damage.
    Give shotguns the ability to spawn with the prefix for other elemental types .

  2. Cut Shotguns current effective range by 50% from 20 meters to 10, but increase their base damage and give them an inherent crit% of xx.
    Example - When a sword or even an Exothermic rifle kills enemies faster then a shotgun, it’s clear they are lacking in killingpower.

There are longrange rifles in the game that comes with a standard 6% crit, so Shotguns getting a doublediggit crit doesn’t seem too powerful

Shotguns should be all about YOLO, get up close within arms reach of the enemy, but being able to unleash death in their face, at the risk of being their next dinner.

A Nanodyne Shotgun does 9-15damage per pellet x5. Even when increasing this by 100% to 18-30x5 still doesn’t even come close to the damage that swords does. And i honestly feel like a Shotgun should do more damage then a butterknife - but that’s just my opinion.
(i’d personally rather get stuck by a sword then shot by a shotgun)

-I would give shotguns a base 25% crit chance like how Coreshredders does for evo.
-Target piercing for snipers (Like Demonspine) and slightly better RoF.
-Inherent onhit attribute for laser weapons (12-15% ish), the nova could be the same type of the weapons base damage e.g toxic laser guns could have toxic nova on hit.
-Basically double the base damage of automatic rifles, because they feels like nerf guns now, also it is much harder to critcap because of the reduced amount of ccm you can get on each mod, which means you need more mod to cap, therefore less slot for added damage.
-Rocket launchers should be designed for raw damage, 0% crit chance but even more damage than it does now, to wipe out trash in a single hit.

Yes please, i want the big guns to have their place.