Should Normal mode get removed?

I Just scrolled throught some discussions on Discord and someone said that there was more lvl 50 in HC than in SC Normal.
I also remember seeing a lot of people not familiar with the game being confused about the fact that there’s 8 different difficulty levels in the game (HC normal, HC normal nightmare, HC elite normal, HC elite nightmare and the same goes for SC).

Even if you’re used to the traditionnal difficulty of hack n slashes where you start over after the last boss for one or more playthrough, the naming is weird.
I’m not sure devs have the ability to remove normal mode as a choice when you create a new character, but i was wondering if it would be worth it.
Plenty of people that will discover the game will soon realize they are in normal when the vast majority of players are in Elite. They then have no other choice than being “stuck” on a low population difficulty or to reroll in Elite which for some person that don’t have a lot of free time might be discouraging.

I really don’t think Elite represents an impossible challenge for anyone with a brain cell either. I might be wrong as i nearly never played in normal. I feel the so called Elite mode is well balanced enough for it to be the standard without having to make a difference and split the overall small playerbase between 2 unconnected difficulties.
At least maybe it would be possible to explain at the character creation screen that both Normal and Elite are separated when it comes to teaming and AH ?


Making elite the default difficulty wouldn’t be hard to implement, at the very least. Removing normal completely and migrating any existing normal characters to elite is also possible.


Well i like to have a normal game before harder difficults. I thinks, there are so many HC characters, because the people here play this game for years in so many ways, that they search for a bit more excitment :smiley:

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Yes, it definitly should get removed.
I’ve talked to a lot of new players that played a couple of hours on normal and got really discouraged when they were told to start over on elite or hce. Probably most didn’t do it and just stopped from playing.
I myself leveled to 26 or sth on normal before really talking with someone on the chat and realising that it’s a dead end.

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My 2 cents is not need but I will throw it in the mix.
I have the original game, played the beta, blah - blah.
This version of the game makes it hard for new or renew players to start off.
I started this game in normal because I felt the gui was telling me the other options are unavailable.
No big deal apart from a very small pool of use in the auction-house (yeah I didn’t load the game to check its name). This is a main point as normal players don’t see the wealth of stuff they can buy, or can they trade with the wonderful players who give away great ele stuff.
As for the Game we know it comes in 2 parts, start then nightmare with 4 flavors 2X live through death and 2x die and your dead.
Normal gets hard and gets very hard because you can’t buy stuff, it also suck because your group pool is very small at best.
I agree elite should be normal, same for hardcore. Nightmare is the rest of the game and hopefully one day more. I end my 2 cents ty

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Would you have made a different choice when creating your character if there was a warning message saying something like Elite being the most commonly played difficulty ?

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Looking back I figured it was the same old game and I had to qualify to progress, wrong I know but that was my thought. I have played both Normal and ele and found very little difference in the play style or progressive hardness as you approach Nightmare. After that you look at your toon and what is available to buy, normal sucks pretty bad at this stage because of the small pool. Eleite is where the gear is so thats where players should be.

Of course. Anyone would if faced with the actual differences.

As it stands now there is little difference between Normal/elite mode and on that basis it makes sense to remove it. However if the extra “adds” that mobs get in elite actually worked and you get hit by the damage that could make elite much harder for beginners. I may be wrong but the mob damage effects either dont work at all - same as "on being hit " effects for players, or work intermittently.

Monster affix damage effects work as intended AFAIK

…I thought elite was normal lol. Honestly-I’ve played so many arpg’s over the years and with almost all of them elite was the way to go. Everything else is too easy and/or boring because arpgs in general are impossible to balance.

I’m new, and I don’t even know the difference between normal and elite… I just know that THANKFULLY I read a random sentence somewhere that said, “Most players are on Elite, so if you want to trade or party with them, you should play elite too”

I dodged a bullet, but if I didn’t happen to see that message, I’d probably be pretty mad right now hah

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From the few comments here, it seems the problem is more on the lack of explanations between the two rather than being “scared” of what Elite means for new-ish players.

I now have to do this after 20 hours. It sucks.

Absolutely, we (my wife and I) absolutely would have.

No.I’d check it out for myself.When Hellgate Global existed,I first started playing Hellgate London(Offline).To get comfortable.And then I started playing Hellgate Global.But Hellgate Global had more difficulty modes.And it was possible to start playing with the easiest.And,besides,had the opportunity,with the murder of character options to choose the resurrection(Ghost Mode and a mode in which the character is resurrected in the place where he was killed,paying the amount of palladium).Now in London 2038 modes of difficulty,only two.Normal and Elite.But in Normal mode is a Ghost.At the Elite of this regime no,which ,very,complicates the passage of levels,forcing the character to start the quest from the station,when he was killed.Still,in Normal there is an opportunity,at murder of the character to begin a quest from that place where he was killed,having paid a certain amount of palladium.(As it was in Hellgate Global).In Elite this there is no.If these two features were moved from Normal to Elite-then,indeed,it was possible to remove Normal.And beginners to play it would be much easier,without asking themselves in what difficulty mode it to play(Normal or Elite).This is my personal opinion,and I do not impose it on anyone.Good luck.P.S.Sorry for not very good translation,with the help of Yandex translate.

Luckily I read this just before re-joining in Hellgate London 2038 and so selected Elite mode for my new multiplayer character. So far only just tested it and the first quest…I played original Hellgate London single and multi ever since it came out and then Hellgate Global until the shutdown - been playing single player ever since look forward to seeing what this version is like, but sure feels odd starting back with a basic av again.

The whole point of multiplay is to experience interactions with other players and if there are so few in Normal then I probably made the right choice with Elite. However I agree with koul-57 in that if the Elite version doesn’t have the ‘start as Ghost’ pay option when killed this is going to be a major headache as it’s still there in normal single player, so this option would be a good addition to Elite. I’ve not yet experienced this and whether it will put me off Elite and go back to create a Normal character I am not sure. I would be a real pain in very deep level passages to have to start back at stations. I will still continue playing single as well as my character is so much more advanced and that’s far more enjoyable

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