Show off your DPS


With the new DPS meter feature, I wanted to give testers a chance to show what kind of numbers they can pull off. Maybe we can agree on a standard target, until there’s a test dummy? :wink:

So get killing, and get a screenshot, let’s see what kind of damage we’re doing! For the living!


Would be interesting to see GMs dps to see if its not shame to link our dps, hehe :slight_smile:


Let’s begin with my engi


At Talox, I had 18k with my BM


Was over 6k @ talox but i was too slow taking a screenshot


Dang, I need to learn how to play Hellgate better, my admin character doesn’t pull these numbers :joy:


Heres my elite gundian


I was surprised, thought it would be more, I have almost 90% critchance vs spectrals.
Evokers have a little disadvante i think, they shoot to slow compared to 1200 hits per minute of a MM / Engi / Gunguard.:laughing:


How is the damage calculated ? Don screenshot shows ergo and 2 nexus but if a shrapnels or any aoe hit everything at once the damage goes up right ? Unless it’s only taking one target at a time ?


AFAIK it’s not a single target dps meter, it counts all aoe effects.

But you will need some hp wall bosses to pull higher numbers because trash will die so quickly you won’t reach your maximum dps potential.
If you one shotting mobs you won’t do any damage of the rest of the calculated second thats why you will see low numbers while killing trash.


How much % shrapnel is that?


Yes aoe effects helps. :smile:



12% on 1 hand, 17 on the other


The plug to this thread is shared in this thread, so now the circle is complete.

Also, there’s dps in it.


12 k with my grenadier when i pulled mobs into the middle of brompton.


So i was told to post this here:

Edit: Shrapnel chance is 55% + 57% there, 1740 Armor @ lvl50/r50.



Very nice number right below :hugs:
Well, you’ve got the whole map, haven’t you? :joy::joy::joy:
How much shrapnel do you have ? :star_struck:


Need a solo target with alot HP. Shrpanel is near doomdirk’s. I could make a full party mobs wave, but of course there would be persons with ‘huh its not single taget’. Like you.