Skill Planner Feedback / Bugs / Inconsistencies


First of all, thanks alot for the skill tree planner, its a wonderfull tool to use. However, there are some bugs and inconsistencies I found so far, so I guess its a good to put them here:


  • Something is wrong with Blink’s rate of use, its going up as you put points into the skill instead of down

  • ingame Spectral Serpents requires 2 points into Spectral Lash Mastery, but on the planner it requires 2 points into Spectral curse

  • ingame you only need 2 points into Venomonous Spirit in order to unlock Venom Armour and only 2 points into Venom Armour in order to unlock Swarm, the skill planner shows 3 skill points as requirement in both cases.


To add to this:

There is a new skill in-game, which follows the Arcane shield and it’s missing from the skill planner (also Evoker).


-Monitors that have less than FHD resolution may miss the dialog boxes on the left side of the screen.

-You can only spend 49 points on a lvl50 character because the first one is already allocated.

-Surge of Wrath requirement for Crusader Wrath is missing.
-Thorns is an individual skill not linked to Aura of Deflection and Aura of Vengeance tree

-Spectral Serpents missing requirement of Spectral Lash Mastery, incorrectly linked to Spectral Curse like how it was in global.