Skill Planner Feedback / Bugs / Inconsistencies

First of all, thanks alot for the skill tree planner, its a wonderfull tool to use. However, there are some bugs and inconsistencies I found so far, so I guess its a good to put them here:


  • Something is wrong with Blink’s rate of use, its going up as you put points into the skill instead of down

  • ingame Spectral Serpents requires 2 points into Spectral Lash Mastery, but on the planner it requires 2 points into Spectral curse

  • ingame you only need 2 points into Venomonous Spirit in order to unlock Venom Armour and only 2 points into Venom Armour in order to unlock Swarm, the skill planner shows 3 skill points as requirement in both cases.

To add to this:

There is a new skill in-game, which follows the Arcane shield and it’s missing from the skill planner (also Evoker).

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-Monitors that have less than FHD resolution may miss the dialog boxes on the left side of the screen.

-You can only spend 49 points on a lvl50 character because the first one is already allocated.

-Surge of Wrath requirement for Crusader Wrath is missing.
-Thorns is an individual skill not linked to Aura of Deflection and Aura of Vengeance tree

-Spectral Serpents missing requirement of Spectral Lash Mastery, incorrectly linked to Spectral Curse like how it was in global.

Sorry to bump this, but is there going to be an update for the skill planner? There are still some bugs in it and since the Summoner was reworked, the new stats and skills are not present.

-On MM the last two Rapid Fire Skill are in the wrong order.

With the most likely overall changes to skills in general i think the planner won’t be up to date for a while, we might have to wait for OBT :wink: