Skill-Shield Throw. Critical chance

I noticed that the critical chance was changing, with a constant 20 meters of throw range.Became-increases, only, the range of the throw, without changing the value of the chance of critical damage.It doesn’t seem to be there at all.Because, it is not specified what chance, what damage, etc.Guys.well, how much can you “improve” the game!?I agree, a lot of useful things have appeared, but maybe you are “overreacting”?I trust you and don’t look at the name of the skills, because I’m used to what happened with the chance.And I had to use a retrainer when I noticed a change in skill.

If, indeed, you really want to, then, at least, when changing this skill, specify-chance, damage, or else, the devil knows what!And then .one range is specified.Sorry for the abruptness.but, it’s a pity for the retrainer!

Shield Throw’s critical chance bonus was changed in 1.5.3, back in April 2021: Patch 1.5.3b Notes – London 2038 – For the Living!
I understand the issue here seems to be lost critical chance, but these changes don’t happen in a vacuum. That “loss” came alongside a base damage buff for all Shield skills, a gain in both critical chance and damage for all shield skills in Shield Master, and massively higher maximum Throw rebounds from 2 to 8. The same patch reworked all shields, giving many better critical stats, higher damage, multiple damage types, and splash damage. It also gave all shields mod slots, which can also fit critical stats for all shield skills, when barely any shields had slots before.
This is indeed a net improvement in my books, although I understand it may not seem that way when just focusing on the one stat in question. Shields are now much crit-friendlier than before, and evidently work much better on the whole than they used to.

Edit: I see the issue extends to range now, which seems to not be reflected in the activation range - or so I assume, please correct me if not. In that case, please note that all extra range increases the shield’s lifetime once thrown, which increases the distance it can travel and bounce to deal damage. For reference, see Bonta’s guide which makes use of it: Shield/Tank hybrid Guardian - The Harkonnen Devastator
That is to say, +range is far from useless, and it’s indeed active for Throw’s lifetime.

Then-(1).Can you tell me what to start from when choosing a skill?Because.I can’t see anything!I put this skill at a minimum, in favor of the previous skill.20 meters is enough for me.(2).And, does the range depend on the number of bounces?By the way.the shield flies further than indicated in the skill.Just please don’t adjust the skill after my revelation about the range!

  1. Shield Throw’s in-game description and its description in the new planner (Skill Calc Test) clearly states it increases range with levels. This is how the skill has behaved for a very long time, and range benefits its damage, so I don’t see where the confusion comes from. If you want the extra range and bounces you can max it, and if the base skill is enough for you you can keep it at lv1.
  2. The number of maximum bounces depends on range. The more range the skill has, the farther the shield can travel. And the more it can travel, the more it can bounce.

As for adjusting the skill, Throw was last changed in January and there are no plans to change it further unless needed. But even if it is changed, we will most likely distribute Retrainers in the same patch to let players adjust in turn.

With this, everything is fine.I have +1 on my helmet, and +on my shield1.That’s enough.Thanks for the information.By the way, in the new skill calculation test, “additional damage, without numbers” is indicated.Probably because I have such a confusion.For example-"it was so much-it became so much."Maybe it would have been easier to navigate and there would not have been these, maybe, stupid questions

The new skill planner has been tricky, unfortunately. I’m hoping we can soon fix the issue of “[string]” values to make it easier to work with.