Skills locked behind boss item makes me not have a build until level 35

playing Summoner class, realized i need to farm lvl ~30 boss to get my lvl20 skill. and i can’t even buy it because it seems like it’s in such high demand!

i’m sorry to put it like this, but this really REALLY sucks and i don’t expect it to get any better: right now i’m dealing approximately tripple DPS with an old tempest rifle, and that’s despite getting a pair of really mad strong foci.

now, i’m not against having to do quests or acquire items - in fact, i believe it would be more acceptable if there were more such skills, but the process of unlocking each skill wasn’t so far away in time from reaching skill’s level tier.

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for those curious - i was going for the full Dark/Demon Form (whatever it is called, sorry) build with Venom Armor and Brom’s Curse. right now i can use Life Drain for AOE damage as well as Venomous spirit for both single-target and semi-AOE, but - as i said - tempest rifles just kills things faster. and there are plenty of good guns for AOE as well. i also have Spectral Elemental and may get some minion, but i’m not taking them for the damage - i’m taking them for the support.

That’s sadly true. FSS probably expected the market to provide those to early players more easily, but ours has only just restarted now.
That the Summoner’s early skill tokens seem to be among the most valuable ones doesn’t help either.

honestly, when i did my melee summoner i prebought the skills and immedeatly activated it at Lvl 20. I was utterly disappointed because melee was awfully slow. So slow i didnt even paly it until endgame when more points went into Accu to make him faster and i got items that improved melee speed.
So i think it is safe to say you are not really missing out :wink:

well, big unluck. played BM today and the game was going approximately 5 times as fast. definitely not coming back to Summoner any time soon.

It is still a good fun and different build in the end. So give it a shot later.

this will require rushing through content with a party and i’m not a fan of that. maybe if i’ll know it can be done in, like, an hour.

Imagine my disappointment when I reached level 10, saving points for a dark form build because “holy shit, I can be the demon?”, only to notice every single part of it was locked behind a skill scroll, which some people on the CH are willing to charge my left nut for (don’t ask about the right one). I’m glad I got most of mine for free from people just giving them away, and I’ll make damn sure to do the same once they start dropping for me and I don’t actually need them. I already do that with other stuff I don’t want, anyway: either cheap on the CH or straight up giving it away to people who want it.