So i tried a pure drone-engineer... /sigh

The engineer’s drone is the highest skillpoint requiring skill in the entire game,
a wooping 50 points and you’re still miles away from maxing it out.
Even if you account for +1 all skills, you’re left with a few passives of actives
that ends up short of a few points…

And what do you get for completely throwing yourself at the drone, trusting it to
tank for you and dps for you ?. A great disappointment is what you get.

Now… im gonna use pure logic here… The summoner’s Warper with only 5 points spent,
and some +dmg gear, will melt anything that isn’t an abyss boss, in seconds. And still make
short work of some minibosses like those from Stone Henge… with 5 points.

With 10 points spent, the Carnagor will pretty much become immortal if you have
2+ All skill which boosts the Carnagor to 7 and Meatshield to 7… it’s not going to die
if you’re paying attention… AND it will taunt anything in range and keep it glued.

I tried the engineer with a pure drone build and what i experienced what a complete lack
of aggressiveness from the drone, even with aggressive mods on, it would sit back and
lob the occasional grenade . The drone has a huge problem with it’s brain going into retard-mode
when you apply both a melee and ranged weapon.

If you slot a powerful sword and invest points into Gyroblade, but you also have a ranged
weapon slotted, the drone will end up sitting back going ito a passive aggressive stance
and all those points invested into Gyroblade will pretty much be wasted unless the enemies
themselves decide to walk up to the drone.

The overall ranged damage from the drone suffers greatly from no real damage increase
except from tactical stance which increases rate of fire, also note that the drone can’t crit
so any ranged weapons you might think could be good for increased crit… doesn’t matter.

Another thing the drone suffers great from is attributes. Some of the endgame weapons requires
up to and over 200 accuracy or strength or willpower. The drone’s bonus skills maxes out at +56
which is added to whatever you spend the attributes from the drones lvls.
But this is still not nearly enough to cover any possible needs for using both melee and ranged.

There is also the matter of the drone’s armor and Master Engineer skill, which was very very
weak last time i did a test. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but during testing it was evident that
no matter how high armor on the chestpiece added and combined with Master Engineer skill,
the damage reduction on the drone was increased by a total of 1% .

In conclusion i would say that considering that drone is lacking in every area and still soaking
up more points than any other skill.

How would i go about fixing it ?.

Give it a 3/3 passive skill which has the drone acquire 33/66/100 % of the players attribute points.
Give it a Melee/ranged setting which puts the drone in a selected mode of engaging enemies.
Test and rebalance the damage reduction of the drone, and increase Master Engineer %.
Make the “Aggressive mode” taunt enemies, same area and strength as Carnagor.

Take a look at the melee sawblade weapons and make them take up the melee slot on
the drone instead of the ranged slot as they do now - they are after all melee weapons.

/Will updates this as much ideas surfaces.

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The saddest part for me is that you could have infinite skill points and it would not resolve the main issue of the drone which is his AI. Summoners don’t suffer from that because they hold a zerg with them so when a few elementals go dumb and start touching themselves in a corner or attack a wall, other ones give the feeling some stuff is happening.

I specced out of drone entirely on my engi and the only difference it makes, is more skill points to use on good things :slight_smile:

Devs said that drone seem to be one of the hardest thing to deal with so i dont know what could be the solution here. Maybe at 10/10 on drone we could maybe summon a clone of it so the damage is a bit more consistent, or maybe make it way faster or even give it the ability to fly so the AI dont suffer that much ?