So.. tried a "Captain America" build focused on Shieldskills

And at level 29, reaching Liverpool and keeping my character stocked with items,
i can honestly say… playing this type of build is like watching a second coat of paint dry.

Current build
My main attacks are Shieldthrow at range, charge in, shieldturn, sweeping strike - by this time,
anything that is squishy is usually dead. But any mobs with any amount of health, like Bladeslayers,
takes 2-3 rotations to kill.

I did about 15 runs on Shulgoth on normal at lvl 27, using only shieldthrow, and the damage
was almost non existant even with a pimped up nano’d phaseshield with dual element stat %.
It took roughly over 1 minute per kill .

The major issue here that i have noticed, is that once the build gets electrocuted, the damage
goes from very minor to zer0 damage. And one could say this counts for all classes,
except it doesn’t.
(Evokers to some extent).

Once i reached Liverpool and stepped into a map, with mobs constantly keeping my char
electrocuted, it quickly became evident that this build just doesn’t work… even while not
affected by status, the killing of mobs isn’t fast enough and at times, charge doesn’t activate
as it should and you’d standing around waving the shield.

Now, i have noticed that on occasion, the shield tends to bounce on a single target,
but this still leaves several types of enemies almost unaffected in terms of health.

Now… i played a pure tankguard almost solo up to 50, and that was still much much faster
and a lot more fun than this offensive shieldbuild. And one of the biggest issues is that
depite a majority of offensive shieldskills being underperforming, they still require 10 skillpoints,
which renders this build to be the most pointstarved build i’ve come across.

Before even finishing the 4 primary skills, you’re almost out of points, then there’s
at least 2 auras you want, and Aura stability ontop of that, and then we still haven’t put
any points into sweeping strikes (which takes 2 points to even open).

Another issue is that Shieldthrow on its own, increases crit % up to 50, but there’s nothing
that increases the critdmg % which leaves even a critical hit from shieldthrow, pretty harmless.

The only shieldskill that really shines is Shieldturn, with its +450% increased ED which
puts effects on pretty much anything you want. (Haven’t tried it on Dessi with Moorgoth’s Hold).

Now… if Shieldthrow’s +crit% was a passive applied to all shieldattacks, it could be interesting,
but still a fart in the wind since there isn’t a way for Guardians to effectively increase critdmg %
in any numbers that really matters - and guardians aren’t a crit-class anyway.

One of the things i see “could” make a build like this “maybe” viable but still very very weak,
is if all the shieldskills which increases ED-%, was in synergi with eachother.
But that still wouldn’t work due to the amount of skillpoints required to make those skills
reach high ranks, ending up with the build not having any auras or sword attacks.

So… in conslusion.

I don’t think i will take this build to 50 … it’s just TOO boring and slow - and that’s saying something
because i’ve played some slow builds…
And it just doesn’t gives me any form of enjoyment playing the build, knowing that despite almost
maxing out shieldthrow and shieldmastery, it takes 60+ seconds to kill Shulgoth with pimp gear at 29.

Sorry i couldn’t give any constructive criticism, but i just can’t think of a way to make this work,
except going to extreme length’s and turning skills to 5/5 and increasing their power(s).



thx for investigating “captain america” build. I had a plan to make like one you said. after reading this article, I abandon the idea. Thanks to you, I will save a lot time, and energy

The problem with shield guards is that you can really only play them from Level ~40 onward, when you get your first splash shield (the Stonehenge one). I am leveling one up myself and quickly went from using the shield to banana guns as it is so much more convenient for leveling. Without a splash shield it takes ages to kill a horde of Fellbores since you have to kill them one by one - that doesnt make any sense to me.

I played a Rank 30+ one prepatch and it was just fine and at times very strong. It has its problems with single target dps but less than other guards if done right. As soon as you equip a Dissector shield it is a whole new thing. Though after 1.5 you also need a bunch of userate (DoD pants is the bare minimum) to get some form of usable rotation with shield turn going.

It uses alot of points, yeah, but you dont need all the stuff you mentioned, like lots of points in auras. I had three points left over for auras. And this time i am wearing a Sols Invictus and probably dont even spend points in auras.

To your build, you are using aura of renewal which means certain death when you get poisoned. For the shield guard it is better to rely on his shields and pull out when they are nearly down- to not get shocked as this also means certain death if you are surrounded. You therefore should at least put one point in shield of faith.
With 1.5 this skill has become op in terms of survivability as it profits from userate of shield skills.
Stacking acc to support the high critchance doesnt work out mathematically. Strength is still the way to go statwise. Though a face of the crusader helps a bit as do critdam augs on the shield.
Later in the game you also get 2 important items which boost your damage considerably and that is the Abyss unique belt and arms with upto 20% eledam. Getting ele where possible is important as it multiplies your strength dam.
So most of the items that make the shield guard pop off come after Lvl 40 which is a shame but it is what it is.
Also not sure if the sword and board tactic with sweeping strike works out in the end. I am going for a statstick vorpal and full shielddam (with high userate).

I already asked for a low level splash shield to make leveling a shieldguard not so super dull.

The fact that "You need "this for it to even work, is a abit broken,
especially the fact that items with user rate isn’t as common. Imagine if Summoner builds
with pets only worked with pet-gear but the pet-ger almost never dropped ?.

It’s also the fact that even at L27 with all uniques and pimped mythic shield, it took me over
a minute to kill normal Shulgoth with shieldthrow only. My summoner at L8 kills him A LOT
faster with just a summoner rifle - and summoners aren’t even a “weapons class” ,
that’s saying something about the shieldskills on the guardian.

Two problems I’ve noticed with the skill:

  1. The projectile isn’t “smart.” As a result, it mindlessly bounces off of the first enemy it hits (if it even connects to begin with,) then proceeds to hit a wall/ceiliing/floor before either hitting another enemy or fucking off into the nether.

  2. Possibly a bug, but I’ve noticed that the skill will fire off and go to cooldown, but a projectile never leaves the character. It’s as if nothing has happened despite the c/d being initiated and the character animation occurring. It’s very off and can happen consecutively, and the remedy being swapping weapon sets, which doesn’t always work anyway.