Software enduser license agriment bug

One of my sons has recently created an account and he is getting : the software enduser license agriment, and the hellgate london: terms of service, every time he logs, also when he just is relogging to change from 1 toon to another.

I am triying to convince him to play with me, but every time he has to swaap between toons , he need to use pasword and accept terms two times. Its a bit messy, and young people prefers the easinest of mobiles devices or playstation.

Any solution? Its not happening in my account (but i made my account just first day of 1.5).

Maby he has a game folder in place where soft has limited right to ride it? Try to run as administrator.

I think it’s a bug in beta. Accounts created in the Alpha Season are fine. You can check it by creating an account right now.
This problem is very annoying. I need a patch

I started when the open beta opened without an issue.

I would recommend they uninstall the game, then go to My Documents/My Games and delete the “Hellgate” folder.

Then reinstall the game fresh (I would recommend not in program folders to avoid permission issues), patch to 2.0 and copy over the launcher and run the launcher again to patch up and start the game as normal.

This way we can give the game a clean slate just to verify there is nothing wrong in the settings file or game files etc etc

i think problem wont solve reinstalling cuz if i log with my personal account in both computers ( mine and my sons) i dont get the message but when i log with my son’s account i get the message in both computers It has to be on server or in folder of desktop but not in game

Thanks for reporting this. The issue is being looked into.

ure are welcome. and thanks to devs for give us the chance of playing again this awsome game in multiplayer and try to solve all bugs.

when a fix will be founded or action discovered to fix the problem , please explaind it here.

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