Some Feedback :)

First: sorry for my bad english :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually im coming back to this beautifull comunity, because i was playing this reupload from Hanbitsoft on Steam. Now im playing your project in coop with my brother, we both just have played the original Hellgate London from 2007 so we love this thing here. But i have some feedback for you, dont know if you are interestet in it. :slight_smile:

-we miss the auto-dissmantler (yeah, i know, but would help very much)
-how far you have the possibility to change the game? because the pacing of the korean version is much better, they have cuttet out all this bullshit missions (the final test, this top down mission with a squad ect, you know what i mean, or some new stuff like the london bridge or the newer assets in the early city with more squares and houses?
-would be nice to have this epic monster spawn after a certain amount of enemys killed (yes, i know, the balance :wink: )but i like this shit :smiley:
-would it be possible to let spawn questitems more often? actually is the problem, if you dont find some item, you need to search all up the level or leave the level and hope they will respawn. why not let spawn more of this items?
-Hows about the Tokyo content? You have the data?
-a little “bug”, if you have switch off your helm grafic, the light googles from the necropolis quest are switched of too
-there are problems with the explorer quest, they cant be finishd neither you will restart the quest also some multiplayer problems, like we cant finish the “final test” mission together, because the quest persons are dissapeared or the mission will restart or something else. If you abandon the mission there you will be kickt of the server.
-we love the idea from getting this buffs if someone will donate you :slight_smile:
-and last question: there will be a beta or a final release? Not for commercial, but because of the bugs or better (nearer server i have a ping of 140 :wink: ) or can we donate you something for your project now?

Thanks for reading and i hope for some answers :slight_smile:

For bugs, the best place to report them is the link to the bug report form in the testing channel on discord.
Adding content can be discussed but there are no plans to actually implement until sometime after the beta phase.
The problem with a nearer server is nearer to who? There are people playing from all over the world, so moving it somewhere else will then make other peoples ping worse than it currently is.

Hi there, welcome back :slight_smile:
I can try to answer some of those concerns.

Those are Global features that have been missed, indeed. Probably the most popular features along with the Radar.
Similar features might make it back in one form or another, yes.

The team’s ability to change the game should be pretty vast; at the very least comparable to the scale of changes made by Revival 4.0, if you’re familiar with that SP mod.
So such changes/fixes as

should definitely be possible and likely easy.


Tokyo content will most likely not make it in due to legal concerns.

I can’t answer the part about donations, but there will be a Beta shortly, yes.
In most likelihood however, there won’t be new servers or ping-related alterations.


Wow! Thank you for the answers :slight_smile: Waiting for it!

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