Some ideas on expanding the endgame content by reusing already existing content in creative ways

I’d like to propose an endgame system that builds upon the current endgame and gives an additional feeling of progressing your character once it reached the max level: Maps.
For those of you familiar with Path of Exile’s (PoE) Mapping system, this is basically what this suggestion is about (except for Atlas of Worlds stuff).

The first part of this video explains PoE’s mapping system very well:

Short summary:

  • Maps are randomized instances with a certain amount of different monster types (like 7-10) inside of them and a layout (tileset) that is identical to the layout of zones from other places within the game, such as leveling zones.
  • Maps are items that can be used to spawn portals into these randomized instances and they can be crafted / augmented to gain additional stats
  • The stats on these map items affect the monsters within that zone in various ways, such as increasing the monster life, monster droprate, monster damage and so on
  • Maps are consumed upon usage, so you may want to collect and/or trade them
  • Maps are clustered into different Tiers, varying by the level of monsters within that map and also the itemlevel of items dropped within that area. While maps of the lowest tier (Tier 1) can drop in leveling areas, higher tier maps
    (Tier 2 and higher) can only drop in maps of a lower tier. This gives you a feeling of progressing your character beyond the max level / rank and parallel to the gear progression.
  • Maps have a bosses, which are mainly bosses reused from the leveling content

For HGL, I do believe that such a system could work very well and might be not too much effort to get implemented, considering all the tilesets aswell as mobs and bosses are already created. There are quite a few areas in the game, such as Picadilly Circus, Chocolate Park or British Museum, where the layout gets used twice during the playthroughs and then never again, and maps might be the perfect oportunity to bring them back. For bosses there are all the act bosses aswell as zone bosses / uniques that could act as map bosses, but their stats and effects need to be scaled to the map level.

This is very similar to the Westminster Catacombs ofcourse, just with alot more variation and an additional economic value if maps are made tradeable and upgradeable through the cube (a 3 : 1 recipe probably) or the nanoforge
(increasing the level of monsters in the certain map as a further nano shard sink).

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