Some questions about Summoners dammage

Hello all, first of all a very great thanks to all the team about the hard work they do to allow us to play again this great game, it’s a pleasure to see so many people still enjoying to play this unique game in 2020 !!!

I have a couple of questions about the summoners dps, i have currently a nightmare summoner lvl 34 and was asking myself about the ways i have to increase my dps. My build is currently oriented to elemental and poison tree, i put 1 point in elemental nova and 2 points in venomous spirit and swarn. For the demon i choose the good one witch doctor (1 point) to help survivability.
If i understand well elemental nova is dependant on elemental dammage so only way to increase it is by the stuff and + minion dammage on it is that correct ?
other question about the poison skills where come their dammage is that by the weapons i wear ? some stats have effects on it ? (accuracy wisdom…). If i put mods like poison dammage or fire dammage will it increase the dammage of the skills ?
thanks in advance for the help about understanding what means we summoners have to increase the dammage of our tools. Have a nice day all.

For the living !!!

The nova should be minion dmg only.
Swarm, Venom`s dmg is from you, your focus and yes when the focus has add fire dmg(through mods or as an suffix) and so on it also works for Swarm, Venom.
Because Swarm and Venom scales with your dmg it also get the dmg from your armor like % increased dmg.
But most important, Swarm and Venom does not scale with Minion-dmg.

thanks for the answer, it’s greatly appreciate :slight_smile:

The character info is well done but it lacks a lot of any info about the dammage like a kind of dps, elemental dammage or attacks or things like that so sometimes when you change of weapons or stuff you have stricly no idea if it increase or not your dps in fact.