Speaking with devs

So Hello. If you recognize my name, then you are probably aware that I stream Hellgate on a semi-regular basis. I’ve just had a stream today with Bryan and a lot of small development details were discussed along with loads of other tidbits of information. I’m going to try and clip them all (pray for me) and see about posting links as and when I get it sorted. I am however going to link my twitch as the VOD is there as well, but it’s a four hour stream. You have been warned.


I am fairly new to twitch’s clipping system so it may take me some time.


Howdy :slight_smile:

Let me note two things on this, one more related to the title than the other.

  1. I understand my absolute exhaustion didn’t let me be more clear and concise, or easier to listen to overall. I do regret that, and would be willing to clarify anything that might’ve felt unclear at any point.
  2. I meant to address your question/invitation for the devs, but more subjects kept popping up. So, for one, I’ve extended the invitation. But I also meant to mention our devs are some mighty busy people, so I really can’t say when there will be an appropriate time. I imagine we’ll have a more manageable pace once Beta settles in.

But, again, thank you for a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed the opportunity to just sit back and discuss the game in good company.

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