SSL/TLS failure

I have been connected daily for a very long time - but suddenly I cant launch due to a channel error.

Did you change something… :slight_smile:


P.S. I disabled avast as a a test.

I have hellgate on three different systems - at this point none work. (They are all win 7).

All three worked flawlessly, untill none worked due to the ssl/tls connection error. I would be developing my toons, except I cant launch.


the old launcher works up to being recognized as too old. No ssl/tsl error.

The launcher has been using TLS 1.2 exclusively since August 2018. I think it’s enabled by default on Windows 8 and later. For Windows 7, you might have to enable TLS 1.2 yourself, and instructions for how to do so shouldn’t be hard to find.