Status bypassing shields - Not a fan of this change

I understand the devs have thought through all the important changes they’ve made
and that there’s a reason for these things.
But i really really don’t like that despite my character having full shields,
i get constantly phased, ignited or poisoned - which leads to carrying shieldboosters
utterly pointless right now, except for soaking up some damage ofcourse.

What was the reasoning behind this change tho?.
The only real defense against getting status-affected was the shields,
since the resistance-system is completely undependable.

Hello Dreez, good to see you back :slight_smile:

That change wasn’t global, but specifically for ondeath Champion properties. The aim of that was to make their properties more impactful and meaningful, in accord with the survey feedback on this subject (2.4). So this came in a set of Champion changes:

  • Champion monsters with field on death effects got their field damage and sfx attacks strength increased, including an 5% shield penetration.
  • Champion monsters with regenerating affixes are now constantly regenerating HP in addition to their self healing spell.
  • Champion monsters with increased HP or Shield are now getting a more noticeable amount of those.
  • Champion monsters that can trigger a Bug Hive on hit deal more damage with that skill.
  • Champion monsters with melee thorns have their thorns damage increased based on monster level.

Of course we’re not against reevaluating this change based on feedback, like how we’ve already nerfed those fields, Bug Hives (etc), and thorns.

Annoying Warper wich teleport and fading away with hp regen and toughened.
Mistakes were made.

Not going to lie, those are mighty annoying early on. I like them as lategame statchecks that call for burst damage, but they’re a royal pain at first.

Its not that bad but early on for some classes there unkillable, wich is not that big of a deal, you can simply skip the mob and run away.
Problem i see is late game when you are a sfx char, there is not much of a burst.
That said, when you poison them and they fade away are they still poisoned and is the regen and self heal deactivated because of it?

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It should persist, yes. Unless it counts in real time and it expires while it’s away, which I can’t recall at the moment.

And the poison deactivates all healing and regen effects?

What helps killing these types of mobs are taunts. Without my carnagor i could have never killed one.
Doing at the moment an ignite, poison summoner the goal is perma ignite and poison on the boss for the 6% dmg/sec.

That’s the intention, yes. If there’s some (enemy) healing effect it doesn’t block that’s most probably unintentional.

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I will look out for that, i should get enough poison-str today to test it when i see one next time.

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Guess i’ll have to learn not to dance over the dead bodies of conquered bosses :smile: .

I testet it multiple times. It works flawlessly.
Poison blocks healing/regen and when they warp/fade away its still on them for the duration.


Great, thank you for the confirmation. I did keep an eye out for it too, but the more eyes the better.

I’m not a fan of the on death effects either honestly. I don’t feel it provides anything but waiting to go pick the loot. I m sure it’s even worse for melee chars also.
The other problem, which is a general issue altogether, is that sometimes we can’t see the ground effect as its covered by other ones.

As for the regen and tougher affixes, i love them. It’s difficult at low level, but anyone should be able to out damage them, either with raw damage or sfx.

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After some playtime i feel the same. I would like it when its not a ground effect but a single nova there doing on death wich guaranteed the elemental effect.

the fact that it penetrates shield really bothers me. I don’t see why focusing on shield is so punished overall. Between on deaths effects that go through it, random removal of the shield from mobs that i still don’t understand if it’s intended or not and now, DoD that is a perma EMP, shield became nothing less than an unreliable buffer i feel :frowning:

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i believe in vanilla it was even worse as monsters had a lot of Shield Overload and it feels like shield was starting recharge much later.

Shield is not in a good place right now.
When shield would be like health(no random removal and such) but with his elemental effect immunity, then i wouldnt mind an on death nova wich guaranteed ele effect because not all enemys have that then.

It is true that you have then with shields a higher “effective hit points” pool but you have much less dmg mitigation because of the lack of armor.

I feel like it would give three options for cabalist’s.

  • The shield route with Arcane shield/resilience and shield booster.
  • The armor/health route with Drain Life, Broms and Venom armor.
  • The hybrid wich uses both in trade of dmg when they rly want to be tanky.

Same with the Guardian, Shield of Faith, Shield Wall or Prayer of Healing and auras.
The MM could use T-Stance with overshield aswell and make use of the invisibility time to recharge his shields.

Personaly i wouldnt mind then when electric enemys would do more dmg agains shields BUT not as extreme like back then, just a bit more ~50%+. It should feel like, you see them and know you have to be a bit more carefull now.
High health has ignite and poison as his nemesis, so i feel like this would be fair.

I wonder what people wearing seraph set think of DoD ^^

oh, after playing for a while, i do admit these on-deth field effects are very annoying. and i was playing “easy mode” class. i’ve yet to find out what happens when my BM gets trapped in a physical or toxic field.

You flip a coin. If its head your dead.

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