Suggestion for the future - New DF Passive

Since Darkform was introduced to the game, it was pretty clear that they wanted to give
the summoner more variety in ways to build the class. And with Darkform, they clearly
intended to stear it towards melee damage.

And as of yet we don’t really know with 100% that the double str-bonus is actually working
or if it is just a mistype or misunderstanding of the “additional damage” in the Darkform information.

However… since the Darkform i missing damage-increasing abilities such as Reckoning, Anchor,
Swords of Justice, etc etc, the Darkform must rely on high “raw” damage to keep is as a viable
build endgame as to not get severely outperformed by other melee - which would make it
a needless build.

So here is a suggested “passive” damage increase.

Demonic Fury

For every Shadow Minion that is spawed, the the Summoner gain 5% movementspeed, attackspeed and damage.
This stacks up to 3 times, one for each Minion that is spawned and tops out at +15%.

Considering that the intended direction of the Darkform, this addition would put it close to its competitors,
the BM and Guard, in melee viability endgame. Since the Darkform lacks abilities that increases it’s damage
by xxx% based on its weapons.

But ofcourse, this is just a suggestion and would be considered far down on the to-do list :wink: .

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