(Suggestion) New Weapon - Evoker

Mutentacle (Based on Slipnaught stats from the Wiki-pages)
Power: 28-34
Critical Damage: 40%
All Emental Effects Attack Strength: 13

Decreases power cost of Evocations skills by: -20%
Increases Damage by: +[30 - 60]
Stamina: +[20 - 40]
Sockets: 1 - 4

Custom Traits:

  • Add decreased Splash and Field radius so much it will never be used for Hellfire builds.

  • Remove all damage and effects being output from Arc Legion, and replace its damage and effects with Toxic/Poison being output from the weapon via Arc Legion.
    Basically, what I’m looking for is a Toxic Arc Legion, instead of Electric.

  • Crit Chance could be lowered significantly and Damage increased instead for compensation, It would be nice if the Poison applied is the actual damage dealer instead of the arc itself.

  • I’d like for this weapon to drop somewhere in Australia, to spread out parties otherwise always doing Catacombs, more varied content :slight_smile:

  • Unique/Mythic tier.

Name? A true scientist never names his own creations.
(I will theorycraft more weapons where contrast in meta-builds are needed)

Welcome Punkbuzter :slight_smile:

I’d first like to note I very much appreciate how this suggestion was structured. You looked for design precedents and used them as a reference; you specifically isolated a purpose for this item, reined it in with drawbacks to prevent abuse/overperformance, and even gave its drop sources thought.
Very pleasant indeed.

Now, the premise I like. I particularly like the concept that

All that said, I’m afraid this would likely be extremely difficult to do.
I understand you want this foci to modify a skill to its core, changing its elemental type and behavior. We’re interested in such mechanics ourselves; imagine, say, a mastery that would behave this way. The build possibilities would be amazing, having builds dedicated to new spearheads which modify the existing kits.
But tying this sort of effect to an item seems even harder to do than to a skill - which already has challenges. It’d technically likely be akin to Global’s Set items, which essentially set a conditional state on the wielder (to my understanding), with the additional step of building the new skill version into the existing skill to be conditionally tapped into.

I may be wrong in this assumption, as I barely qualify as a content dev. I wish I am, because such concepts would be very invigorating. But at a glance, I fear the key purpose/function of this item may be out of reach for now.

Not rly a modification to its core…
Like a skill-socket in path of exile, a gear can change its behavior and effect without changing the skill gem. But yes, the end result does change the core function of Arc Legion but without making hard changes to the skill. I should just be able to unequip that weapon to return to default Arc Legion damage outputs.

If the hypothetical weapon in mind has negative values to Lightning Damage and Shock Chance, you could effectively null the damage from the Lightning Arc skill without touching it. It says in the description that damage output is depending on the weapon equipped, so I guess if Added Toxic is put on the weapon the Arc should take that Toxic Damage based on the weapons damage. Then just add Toxic Damage and Chance to Poison on the weapon until it’s balanced, think I’ve seen other weapons doing what I have in mind.

Also, thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

The game engine is much older than Path of Exile’s and while they created their skills to support such transformations this isn’t the case with Hellgate. Basically skills have a static script running whenever they’re called, there is no way to change them that way in runtime.