Suggestion on element-injectors

These injectors that we use when we are affected by a status effect are pretty useful
but they mostly only work momentarely and most times we find ourselves affacted
by status effects almost instantly after we popped one.

Basically you can be poisoned and use an antidote injector, and instantly be poisoned again.

So my suggestion on this would be to give the player a 5-10second immunity to the
element which injector you just used. I’ve spoken to several players on this matter
on discord and everyone has been in agreement, there has even been mentionings
that this is actually the way the statud-injectors are suppose to work…

Anyhow… this is my suggestion on these items.


I agree. It’s very annoying to get caught in an instant stun field, only to pop a gyro-whatever and get stunned a tenth of a second after going out of it. Even a single second of immunity is already good enough for me, honestly, since all classes have their sort of escape ability to use: blink, escape and stampede/PoR.