Suggestion: streamline consumables

The different levels of consumables clutter your inventory and are tedious to manage. Everyone has better things to do with their time.

How about one type of each consumable that is a permanent item, drains palladium to use, and scales by character level? That would be streamlined.

You could even do the same for analyzers, PRDs, and adrenaline packs.

This wouldnt fix a clutter problem you still have from everything one.
Dispite that, i personal dont have an inventory clutter problem. I got a stack from each and put it in the backpack.
It just makes it so that you dont have to go to the Vendor.

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I think making each consumable a backpack of consumables specifically of that type would be better. The player purchases them, but each individual version of the consumable doesn’t occupy an inventory slot of their own and the player doesn’t have to worry about selling the different versions enemies dropped while they were doing something outside their level range.

You could give the Piecmaker the option to destroy consumable of the choosen quality and under.
That should fix it without extra steps.

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Or just replace current ones with better ones like autothing.