Suggestion to make the guardian work better solo

I have just posted a guide on my melee summoner and since he plays alot like a tanky char that does enough damage i would suggest doing some tweaks on the guardian skilltree that mimic that playstyle.

Imho key would be to make shield turn as spammable as dark offering is (maybe shield throw too as an option). That way the guard could play similar to the summoner with spamming a few standard attacks (shield bash or SOR) and get in shield turns more often for aoe clear. Dark offering sits at 3 seconds Cooldown and Shield turn at 8 seconds. Offering has a huge AOE and shield turn does also need the taunt to make gamplay not clunky.
Therefore imho the guard alos needs a tweak on the point investment.
I figure a shield turn build could to look like that (10 points overhead with +1 +1):,50,50,10,v1.00001610242005000803003010000252880

Shield Master needs probably to be tweaked too. It is probably a tad too low.

Good work on the DF guide, coincidentally I just went through it.

Both Shield Turn and Shield Throw now have a 3’’ CD, so such builds are definitely possible. I was intending to follow up my Bloodletter/SoR guide with a shield-heavy one that still uses it, exactly for that reason, but, well, time.

As a secondary note though, not on your take specifically but still on the subject of CDs - reducing CDs may be counterproductive in the long run.
Along the same lines as how MS being removed from “boost” was met with some concerns that it reduced build variety, flat skill tweaks may hamper most (potential) future skillgroup advancements. Say, shield skills belong to the “shield” group, which now only has a +damage affix; if we were to try to provide more build variety we could expand it to +userate and -cost, but if skills are already too good for such modifications it’d fall flat.
I know that’s a hypothetical, but I do feel it should also be brought up. I’m not saying current skills shouldn’t be tweaked according to how they are now, but I’m a more skillgroup-minded individual - so I’d rather suggest that +50% “shield” userate be possible than that shield skills get flat CD reductions.

I am 100% with you on the userate thing. Reducing CD is surely a dirty fix.

I didnt know that the cd for Shield Turn is already that low. Gonna have to farm some Molloch then to respecc my Guard.Though i have no idea how high the dam of the shield skill can be scaled and i am also not sure if a +1 Helmet and +1 Shield is enough to get an enjoyable ( with full taunt available) build together skillpointwise - there is just so much stuff for the guard to skill.

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Very glad you agree on CDs, it’s really pleasant to find like-minded individuals.

On shield build performance, it really depends on one’s criteria, I’d think; I personally like shield skills as trash killer/crowd control options for basic PvE, and as sfx sources for bosses. I’d rather rely on a sword for boss damage, since it seems to match the skillset for the most part. If one is looking to deal raw damage through shield skills, it didn’t look too promising back when I was testing it. Decent, just not great.
STR doesn’t really scale up too well, even at 2% per point. So the best way to really stack up damage would sadly be the norm; critcapped Throw, since it permits it, and + ele/CDB/damage from any source. Anchor works great with it, as do Hamper and Denounce, but gear really suffers from trying to fit in both STR/melee speed/optional sfx and STA/hp and/or armor/TAV/optional sfx defenses, plus skills.

On skills themselves, the reduction of taunt skills seems to make it quite manageable; one can use a cast set for Challenge, for instance, and a +2 AS really opens up options. My old Shield Throw build looked like this with a +1 AS and before +skills from gear, and it was quite functional - even before the skill changes and new gear options:,50,50,0,v1.00001121332016003000161000029000090
(Do note I was also using Grimace for AoD and CDB, and Archangel Gliders for Stampede.)