Summoner build help

Hello !
I’d appreciate some advice on this build . I love minion builds and i’d like to know if this can work on late game content . +1 to skills helmet is calculated but i have very limited knowledge about gear so thats about it .

Hello there!

First of all, I do play Summoner from time to time but it’s not my main. Either way here’s my take on it:

  • Why no demon?
    Yes, you said you like minions and demons are also minions. They provide quite a lot for relatively low investment, depending on which one you pick. The doctor keeps your little fellas alive for longer and a Carnagor clumps up packs to mop them up easily. (if you picked its skill)

  • You could shave off some points here or there. e.g. Elemental Masteries
    If you really want to keep those, there is The Master’s Wand. That’s +3 to all mastery skills. GIven that you picked up 3 of them up to rank 4, thats around 9 points you could save there. Keep in mind that summoning minions (or an Engineers drone for example) can make use of cast sets. So you only need at least 1 point in a specific skill to keep its effect or minion. But once you summoned it, it won’t disappear until it’s dead.

  • Next up is Afterlife all the way down to Ele-Drain.
    This is 10 points that are very likely spent better elsewhere. Do not misunderstand. Self/party-healing is great and Ele-Drain is an essential tool for said parties, it’s just that you can substitute that via +skill items. e.g. The Keel Brand can offer you some points in Broms Curse and added Curse duration to keep it going for longer. Glittens of the Archmage, Hexer’s Shroud or simply another set with a +Ele-Drain focus can give you that as well. (Ele-Drain lasts relatively long, so no worries)

Now, to be totally honest, some of the items that I suggested are very much end-game drops from end-game content. So accessibility might not be the best and the price tag on the Ch on some of those is another issue in itself. But stuff like Keel Brand (as soon as lvl25) and some random legendary with +skills can definitely be found and used waay before while being quite affordable. Always check out some skills through gear that provides them ‘for free’ before you pick them up via hard points.
Despite all this I hope it these points could be of some help.


Well , as i said , my knowledge about gear is limited and i tend to equip drops rather than buying gear from the Ch . And i tend to solo more than i group with others ( except when it comes to content i cant solo ). I made this with these 2 points in mind . Being able to sustain end game content solo (self heal and lots of minions ) and being usefull in parties when i need to (as i remember evokers not taking ele drain ) . Removing these points makes me feel like im missing something . Am i missing something? Where do i invest then ?

Thank you for your feedback .

How about this?

+1 AS from helmet, ring, The Master’s Hand
+3 Elemental Drain from Glittens of the Archmage gloves
+3 Sprint & Blink from Night Striders boots
+3 Master of Venom from Grace’s Lucky Garb armor
+2 Brom’s Curse from The Keel Brand

Yes . This looks interesting . And if i get it right i have 1x The Master’s Hand and 1x The Keel Brand equiped in each hand right? Which opens up even more points assuming i can find two of each and switch ? I’m still confused :expressionless:

Thank you for your time

Just 1 of each, no need to switch. The Keel Brand in main hand, The Master’s Hand in off hand.

Thanks . I’ll see how it goes .

Hello, hello!

For more gear ideas, some build outlines, and some back-and-forth, I’d also suggest giving my guide a look. Gear-wise, it should only be missing Demeter’s Eleusis - which I’ll try to add a section for shortly.