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Do you have evidence for this being a bug?

If this is seen as a bug, because HGG had a cooldown on minions, then please don’t forget HGG had also turned the summoner into the worst class to play.

I’m perfectly happy with this not being a bug. It does take 4 seconds to summon a minion. Only this isn’t a skill cooldown, but the summoning delay itself during which the summoner also cannot move or do much besides summon 1-2 more elementals.

So before this gets declared a bug think about where the summoner is in comparison to other classes.

It’s definitely a bug. They are intended to start their cooldown on death, and right now they never start their cooldown. They changed the cooldown mechanic in 2.0 and we haven’t matched it yet.

I am really interested in whats happening when you only summon force elementals, do they get ignored by mobs in that case too? If not, what other elemental/demon draws aggro from them at most?

No. I can see no problem here. Neither for the class, for the player or for other classes.

Nor do I see you backing up your claim with a proof or a logical explanation.

One can only have one minion at a time and it cannot be abused to spam minions due to the already existing summoning delay. Sounds as if you’re making this up so you can fix something when you could also take it of the list as it definitely doesn’t do any harm.

If i recall right the engis drone HAD a cooldown on death. Death of drone allways meant running. And this cooldown also has vanished, right?
I think it is a bug too as losing your minion/drone should have a downside. Wether in the light of all the inconveniences of the Summoners summonig mechanics it should be reintroduced is written on another page i think.

True. Not worth the discussion really. When Omerta believes to have the time to “fix” non-issues then we should just be looking forward to the next patch and all the actual problems that are going to get fixed by it.

LOL you make me laugh Schummel. You’re a silly goose.

I am not making this up, if you want I can guide you through the game data and show you where the post-death cooldown mechanic is implemented in the data but not being triggered in our code :smile:

I should add, this mechanic is for “major pets” and the reaper. They have their own cooldown callback that is supposed to be executed on death. That’s why you can instantly resummon the reaper infinitely (definitely not intended).

I wish I could make you think though, because what matters isn’t what FSS intended or didn’t intend, but what you intend to do.

Nobody cares at this point what FSS intention were or how much dead code there is still left. If you’re seriously trying to read into their code, what they may or may not have intended to do, then you’ve got your head too deep into it. Rather take a step back and think about what’s best for the players. FSS is no longer around. So they aren’t going to pat you on your back or tell you how happy they are that you’ve read their intentions right. Rather see who still is around and who might actually care for what you do.

I for one enjoy that the loss of my minion doesn’t get punished twice with an additional cool down. It’s a happy coincidence that what you believe to be a bug is actually making the game better.

I’ve always had a problem with thinking, it’s hard for me :laughing:

As a programmer, I am not going to make changes/decisions to mechanics until we are perfectly matching the MP2.0 data, because we don’t know what far-reaching consequences mismatching the code and the data may have. Whether or not I agree with the cooldown mechanic is a separate issue. I am not going to just leave a bug because I don’t like what fixing it will do. First we go through the pain of matching the MP2.0 patch with all its flaws, and then we will start to make it our own. Please do not assume I want to blindly make everything exactly as FSS did it because I think it’s best. Right now I am doing a restoration before I can do improvements–doing otherwise would be foolish and shortsighted.


This video (apologies for my poor quality laggy old vids lol) does show in HGG that after a minion dies it does have a cooldown, this was a mechanic for all Demon summons, but elementals are a cooldown based on casting not death. Now I do know there is alot of stuff that changed with 2.0, japan, and HGG, I do know this was always the case. I am sure a welcome change however, would be the ability to not have a shared cooldown on all the elementals, so we could cast the different types faster, say fire, toxic, spectral right away instead of 3 seconds between each, just not 2 fires back to back without cooldown. I can offer more insight to my warper spec and the tools I used in HGL if you PM me on discord as well (still have my old screenshots of Bolt-Crank and gear). I am currently working on my old warper build as well and hopefully will have more insight after playing London2038 some more.

Not the best answer, but not unexpected.

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