Summoner damage

Ok, sorry if I missed it but I cannot find info on what things can improve minion damage beyond the obvious +minion damage/armour/health adds.
Looking at 4 areas- armour,weapons,rings and expertise,what works on minions and what does not?
I assume +elemental attack strength works on all 4?
What else though, does +caste damage on rings/weapons work on the minions for example?
Would +crit from rings/gear/weapons work?
Etc, etc.
To be fair the changes have left minions in a fairly good place but am curious to know if I am missing something.

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Minions get only the +minions stuff.
In expertise you get the “+pet dmg” for them.
Ele attack str doesnt work and crit also not.

If it not say that it works for minions, then it doesnt work for minions.

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That’s true, minions are only affected by whatever specifically refers to them; +minion damage/armor/hp on gear, the Leadership expertise, and bonuses from skills specific to minions/minion types (ie Circle only affects Demons, etc).
Elementals being affected by increased elemental attack strengths is a common theory, but that’s just due to an ambiguous term - “elemental” in that case refers to (personal) sfx strengths, so it doesn’t affect Elementals. Although that phrasing could certainly be changed to avoid such confusion, for sure.