(Summoner?) question on what build this could be

Hello everyone, I want to start playing London 2038 again after looking at this video it made me excited to give it another try. Looks like its a summoner but not sure on roughly what talents are picked for that kind of damage, the amount of minions to be out at once and the weapons used.

Please help, would love to come back to the game and thank you.

Hi there Datastream, welcome back :slight_smile:

That’s indeed a Summoner.
The guns used are Jade Hydras, like Beryl Dragon. They seem modded with onhits (ie “x% chance to [proc nova type] when it hits an enemy” - see the affix list for those). This kind of setup can definitely work; Jade Hydras and similar guns have a constant rate of fire which procs novas consistently, and novas provide some decent AoEs.
There are other guns you might use for such setups in 2038 too, like the Master’s Wand. There are also guns that can work without novas, like Jeff’s Gold Bloom.

The build looks rather odd, in that the player doesn’t seem to be using a main Demon but only Elementals. This can work, but each Demon brings a bit too much to the table (and does so with minimal point investment, eg 3 points + cast sets) to skip like that. The build, as far as I can see, looks something like this.
This would be a decent foundation, but as you can see in the planner the two game versions are rather different in options. Here you get fewer Elementals (5 each and the lone Spectral), but can specialize them via Elemental Masteries. You can also get 7 Shadows if you use Darkform (known as Zombie Form in Global/Steam), which does prohibit guns but doesn’t prevent using spells here - so you could go for something like this, while keeping the Elemental focus.
This you can then specialize further depending on your gear choices and dependencies. For instance, Master’s Wand would prevent using Darkform (being a 2-handed gun) but it would grant +3 to all Mastery skills and allow for nova builds like in the above video. Or you can avoid gunplay and focus on Darkform and the Doctor for more defense, like this build. Or go for Demon versatility and focus on poison, like this build.

Summoner builds are a rather complex topic, all in all, so I’d advise that you browse the guides section to see which builds might sound the most appealing or closest to your intended gameplay experience. And then we can go from there :slight_smile:

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@Bryan Thank you so much! this is a massive help. Thank you for taken your time helping me :smiley:

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The build relies on going down the elemental tree w/ 25 pts into the various elementals and a side jaunt to get the witch doctor, which you can also pickup with the level 5 focus and skip the 5 skills into the demonology tree. That leaves you with 20 to throw into the various elemental masteries (I suggest Master of Flame and the shield penetration one. On respect with the +AS, add the sfx one.)

For armor, stick with the conjurer set, and collect both a Gunslinger and a +dmg variation.

This is works very well as a solo leveling build. Once you get into end game, party stuff, idk. I have gotten bored farming equipment at that point and go off on building another character.

If you got questions on how this works, PM me in game. My HCE is Zoonotic, otherwise I am on as an AKT_(something).

Thank you for the reply and feedback, i also added you on the in game friends list, my summoner is called DataNuke101

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