Summoner's Warper command activations are very wonky

abilities rarely gets activated on time because warper teleports so much, teleporttaion doesn’t get interrupted by commands and coming out of teleportation is slow.

Spellstorm is either invisible most of the time or doesn’t activate at all. also because of it’s small radius and teleportation, active part of the skill goes to waste most of the time

Spectral Strike picks it’s own target instead of taking the one the sumoner aims at, which is not what i expected. command’s damage also somehow varies from neglectible to devastating.

cooldowns seems to be shared between abilities, but if the Warper is teleporting, there is an additional cooldown after activation which seems to signify how long it will take for Warper to arrive and start casting. cooldown reduction stated in skill’s description also doesn’t happen and on practise the CD is frequently longer than the base CD of both skills at lvl1.

i dunno if either of those are bugs and if i should send it as a bug report.